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Salinas Installs Eco-Friendly Gen7 Classrooms

California-based builder is helping communities create healthy, sustainable learning environments that will benefit students for generations to come.

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Gen7 modular classrooms are an innovative green building approach to improve school classroom additions. And the Bolsa Knolls Middle School in Salinas, Calif. are taking a giant step into a greener future for their students.

These eco-friendly Gen7 schoolrooms for sixth- and seventh-graders feature a high amount of recycled and recyclable materials, low- and zero-VOC interiors, and learning-enhancing acoustical design. Eco-friendly insulation within the classroom's walls and roof serve as sound insulation and minimize heat/cooling loss. Innovative smart lighting with natural daylight harvesting and energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems ensure that each classroom is highly energy-efficient, exceeding California Title 24 Energy Code by more than 30 percent.

"Because our Gen7 classrooms are modular, they can be installed and ready for students in as few as 90 days," said Tony Sarich, vice president of operations for American Modular Systems (AMS), manufacturer of Gen7.

"In the case of Bolsa Knolls, we will complete the project in close to 60 days, which is unprecedented for a green school of this quality." The Bolsa Knolls install started June 1 and will be completed on-site by mid-August, ready for students in time for the first day of school.

Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Criteria

In approximately two months, AMS custom-built six Gen7 modular classrooms, designed to meet and exceed the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) criteria for learning environments that are healthy, comfortable, resource-efficient and easy to maintain. These will be the nation's first modular classrooms to receive CHPS verification for a new school on an existing campus.

Why green schools?

Sarich added, "Not only do green schools enjoy 20 percent higher test scores, fewer absences, lower healthcare costs and higher teacher retention, these eco-friendly, low-maintenance classrooms save money for the school districts -- both in installation costs and energy savings -- up to $100,000 per year in direct cost savings and long-term savings of more than 30 percent."

The six Gen7 classrooms at Bolsa Knolls are the first of a two-phase project. Eight additional Gen7 buildings and a boys and girls restroom facility are scheduled for delivery on the new campus late fall 2010 and will be ready for use when the students return from winter break.

To learn more about Gen7 classrooms, visit

American Modular Systems (AMS), is one of the largest modular manufacturers in the West, and designs and builds commercial, institutional and educational facilities.

With the addition of Gen7 -- high-quality, energy-efficient, eco-friendly classrooms -- the California-based builder is helping communities create healthy, sustainable learning environments that will benefit students for generations to come.

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