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Small Businesses Grow with Global Marketing

25% of surveyed small and mid-sized business CEOs are looking abroad for business opportunities.

Find green business solutions
Look for market saturation.

American environmental consultants saturated the US market a decade ago and began going abroad for business. That same situation is gradually affecting more and more green niches. And small business niches. With emerging markets growing faster than the US economy -- since we are using 4X the goods of other nations -- saturation points are key metrics.

This article in Portfolio notes survey results that support the global marketplace's reality for more and more small businesses. Green aspects are not included in their article -- but from our perspective, there are certain high value green products and information that are sustainably exported. Items such as high-performance pollution prevention equipment, or energy efficient lighting, or licensing innovations for local production.

Here's Portfolio's updated look at 2010 small business globalization:

Small businesses in small American towns make parts and tools that are used all over the world, and that's where today's Internet-driven market is... all over the world.

If you’re a small business in a small town, you know two things.

The first is you better stay lean and nimble.

The second is you better hook up with people and places far beyond your backyard—like across an ocean beyond your backyard.

Small businesses like Vode Lighting, housed in a metal building not far from Sonoma’s movie set of a town square, are doing business with the rest of the world very much in mind.

Tom Warton, George Mieling, and Scott Yu started Vode in 2005 to provide unique lighting solutions to businesses and public buildings—targeted to architects. “What we do is make an architectural modular lighting system using energy-efficient light sources. We call it a kind of lighting Lego set for designers,” Warton says.

That meant that from the beginning, its markets were far beyond the small town where they chose to locate. And despite the recession, business has taken off.

Vistage CEO Rafael Pastor noted that one of the most striking things in his company’s survey of more than 1,500 small and mid-sized business CEOs was the fact that so many of them are looking abroad for business opportunities. Twenty-five percent of those surveyed are either already doing business in China, or plan to do business in China.

"A very large number are doing business internationally. They’re going abroad to do business. The web enables them to do that,” Pastor said.

Read more at Portfolio.

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