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This Disturbed me!
And I don't get disturbed easily.

respect Green chemistry is about more than industry. It's also about your food supply chain.

It's a growing opportunity for conventional business to add more additives, and more enzymes to twist natural digestion processes to fit popular, economical feed supplies.

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I read and scan at least 50 news releases each day and learn about innovations and compliance issues and disasters and news events and seminars galore. And most of them I can easily dismiss if they don't fit my readers' interest profile -- interested in a better world for themselves, their companies and their communities.

This seminar, however, haunted me. My imagination ran away with me!

If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it!

I'll show you the invitation without attribution because the importance is the subject, not the perp-- I mean host.

Innovation in Feed Enzymes, Unmet Needs

Short Description:

Senior Research Analyst xxx has completed extensive analysis on the Feed Enzymes Market. The research expert will lead a short teleconference about new findings that affect the market, followed by a live question-and-answer session.

You Will Discover:

Feed additive markets are currently in a flux due to a decrease in compound feed production in the developed regions of Western Europe and North America. It is becoming extremely important for enzyme manufacturers to become cost competitive. There are a few innovations happening in the market, including:
- Heat stability
- Improved specific activity of phytases.
- New NSP enzymes like mannase
This analyst briefing covers specific details on academic research on improving enzyme specificity and key problems associated with bringing them out into the commercial arena. It also covers the usage of enzymes to improve the environment and the opportunities for enzymes to be a part of the global GHG emission-reduction effort.

Who Should Attend:

This briefing will benefit enzyme manufacturers and those that are diversifying their product portfolio in the feed additives sector. Companies planning on entering the feed enzyme sector will benefit with identification of unmet and therefore immediate market requirements, greatly accelerating their growth.

My Concerns...

Now I understand the need to reduce methane from cattle burps and toots! And I certainly understand the need to reduce GHG emissions. But my concern is ... well, the natural resource-based sustainability of our food supply, too. Things like reducing animal sources and improving our diet beyond wheat, corn and soybeans.

"Several enzymes are produced to act on carbohydrates not readily digested by monogastrics. These are known as NSP’s (Non-Starch Polysaccharides), and have antinutritional properties depressing animal performance. NSP’s of particular concern include B-glucans, pentosans, arabinogalactans, galactomannans, xylans, and pectins. After several years of development, NSP enzymes available to the marketplace are specific to ingredients used. Two extensively used enzymes are Xylanase in wheat based diets and B-glucanase in barley based diets. These enzymes have been shown to stimulate feed intake or reduce feed intake variation, particularly in piglet diets."

And another paragraph from this research report:

"Interestingly, final body weight at 49 days was 1.6% greater with the enzyme (P<0.04) but abdominal fat percentage was higher at 42 and 49 days of age (P<.01) suggesting that the enzyme may have stimulated feed consumption and consequently increased fat deposition. This product may have application in immature pullets if feed and energy intake are inadequate."

SOURCE: Purdue University !!!!

Now...I'm not sure about the scientific details about what I read, but my concerns are about obesity...and how enzymes could be part of the cause of higher fat content in the chicken and pork .... and beef that our children (and us consenting adults) are being sold.

Here's another quote: "Energy utilization in soybean meal is poor."

... and my common sense response is... "so don't feed them soybean meal. Feed them foods that support natural growth and digestion!"

Problem : Solution

We have a problem with our food supply in this nation. Obesity might be correlated with the way our food is grown, harvested and distributed -- and cooked. Right?

So ONE of the problems might be ... oh, maybe enzymes that put extra fat (and weight) onto animals like chickens and piglets.

And how does conventional business see this problem? As a wonderful opportunity...for more enzymes and non-sustainable food sourcing for our food supplies!

Okay. So they see it as opportunity. We see it as a problem. Let's find new solutions.

Let's not buy these enzyme-laden meats. Let's use our well-padded little feet and walk to the farmers market, the organic farm, the range-fed ranchers ... and eat less, but eat better.

Only when we RECOGNIZE the problem can we solve it. And only when we get haunted by the possibilities of what's hidden from our view will we take action.

The problem is real. The solution CAN BE REAL. It's up to you and me to make more sustainable choices. And then ask our representatives to investigate the food sources for our children in schools. Those HUGE purchases are closely guarded supply chains -- and they are also make HUGE impacts on our lifetime health. Our tax supported health systems. Our insurance rates. Our grocery costs. And our life expectancy.

And you have noticed, haven't you that for the first time in a very long time, life expectancy is going down?

Boomers really don't want to hear facts like that!

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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