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Efficient Solutions for Sustainable Productivity Today!

We welcome your participation in this online sharing of good, solid information. We believe the need is great to stop unnecessary waste and abuse that is damaging our families, our communities and our nation.

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The online world morphs and changes by the month, if not week. As an Internet-based publisher, we continue to refine our production strategy to keep pace with methods of distribution. The interesting thing about digital publishing is that content and distribution are intimately tied -- even more than the printed word.

Our heart is focused on natural systems and how they affect human and species survival -- and thriving.

When you press those two systems against each other -- natural systems and idea content -- you find interesting stairsteps that lead from primary research to applied research and commercialization to... well, the practical education and selection of products and services to apply in the day to day work of our communities.

Where do we fit as a green publisher? Actually, we have a bit broader perspective than "green". After green came "sustainable." And after sustainable came "common sense". Now my editorial view is focused on "efficient solutions for sustainable productivity". Today.

While long term goals are necessary, most buyers and implementers of solutions put sustainability in their hearts, and then roll up their sleeves and make things happen TODAY.

Buyer choices are focused on saving expenses, reducing waste, balancing high performance with affordability, making sure materials aren't toxic, and are well designed for usability and marketplace competitiveness. They balance these multiple criteria for "high value" and a net positive impact.

Often, instead of the ideal "best practices" we all dream of, we have to deal with "good enough". Or, on good days, "better".

The well publicized tenets of the conservation movement have been refined into "reduce, recycle, reuse". Those are valuable tenets - but not very specific. Reduce what, and how much? Recycle what, and at what starting point and with what transportation costs? Reuse what, where, who and how do we keep it healthy and in compliance?

Every person has different criteria, and different sensitivities that must be pressed up against every choice. There truly are a million shades of green! And gray green. And purple. And golden. And clear.

I've surveyed all the popular applications of "green philosophies" from organic foods to green building to offsets to green energy and renewable energy. They all have limitations. They all have contributions to make to a more sustainable system -- if applied with mature consideration. So, having waded through all these trends and techniques, I've arrived at this temporary rest stop on the journey to tomorrow:

"Efficient Solutions for
Sustainable Productivity Today"

We continue to hunt for practical, efficient solutions. And we emphasize making less do more... efficiency. And we will view every possible solution through the lens of sustainable natural systems. And we acknowledge that we all want to eat, have security, love, and be productive. And we will help you identify solutions you can implement TODAY, recognizing that we have a long journey to travel and that the big goals of climate change and our grand children are vitally important. And that every choice we make today, about today's actions, all add up. So we need to make wise decisions today.

Those are big AND's ... and time consuming :-)

Here are some of the thoughts that infuse our efforts to bring specific solutions to your attention:

  • Get by with less to thrive
  • Everyday "good enough for today" practices that lead to best practices
  • Respect nature
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle - basic principles
  • Cost efficient for today that balances with lifetime costs
  • Information embedded - identify key metrics, measurements that are accessible and decision-able.
  • Ongoing development - never stop learning for continual improvement of career, technologies, and better practices
  • Every decision has unique requirements - offer specialized, optimized solutions options by application, along with decision criteria and specifications to assist our readers.

We have found that people have various "sensitivities" based on the importance and size of decisions they need to make:

  • Brand Sensitive decisions take precedence when prestige and respect, or risk aversion are of prime importance, and this is when we rely on past experience, recommendations by a respected advisor, or excellent marketing!
  • Value Sensitive decisions are made when there is room to balance cost with impact, and this is where green, sustainable solutions shine!
  • Cost Sensitive selections are made when today's scarcitiies are more pressing and long term solutions aren't needed for this particular selection, ie, toilet paper, or drill bits, or a quick bite during a long work day.

When it comes down to the basics, we believe effective solutions include

  • Less waste
  • High performance
  • Non-toxic materials and simpact
  • High value
  • Net positive results for a healthier today and tomorrow

What Our "Solutions Information Network" Offers the Green Market Niche

We are growing more than 30 specialized websites and newsletters to address our readers' specialized, value-seeking interests. We write articles for specialized solutions, and often we find that our articles show up in search engines as the ONLY first page option for advertisers to get your attention.

The first page of Google is the "holy grail" of today's Internet information channel. Most readers only search for solutions on the first or second page of search results. And those pages can be heavily loaded with government and nonprofit websites that don't allow advertising.

We show up on that first page or two of Google for thousands of specialized key word phrases -- solutions. That means that we provide up to 12 advertising spaces for good, green companies to list their solutions on the first pages of Google. AND we provide editorially sound information about the problem, solutions, and information to help readers make better choices.

How You Can Help Spread the Word About Solutions

We don't do make the first page of Google by ourselves. Our readers help. By sharing good articles with their colleagues through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and bookmarking sites -- you bring people to better ideas... for today's decisions.

By linking to our websites and articles on your website, or in emails, you help Google recognize good content.

Together, in this social information world, we can bring green more sustainable solutions to people searching for solutions.

On we cover ALL the areas that small and medium size businesses, in particular, struggle to solve.

On we bring a directory of more than 200 job and career training and certification programs to your attention for continual improvement.

On we offer our readers and advertisers the opportunity to list their companies, programs, nonprofits, and government programs that are available with solutions.

And on 20 additional, specialized websites, we provide innovators, suppliers, buyers and policy makers with solid information about ideas, innovations, solutions and behaviors that will make our communities more healthful, more productive, and more sustainable.

We welcome your participation in this online sharing of good, solid information. We believe the need is great to stop unnecessary waste and abuse that is damaging our families, our communities and our nation.

Carolyn Allen
Senior Editor and Publisher
Solutions For Green

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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