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4th Generation of Wind Power Generators: WARP, Wind Amplified Rotor Platforms is more scalable

Wind turbine power generators are one of the most viable, low cost renewable energy generation solutions - but the 3rd generation wind generators have a few problems with scalability and cost. Now there's a FOURTH generation wind turbine generator.

wind turbine generator for renewable energy wind energy generation

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The problem: wind electricity generation is not human scale.

The solution: make wind turbine generators smaller and more efficient

According to Mr. Weisbrich, projected Cost of Energy for his new WARP wind power generator system was in the $.02 to $.04/kWh range but with recent research findings and patented design improvements, the WARP Cost of Energy (COE) is projected even lower.

Small is better. Modular is better. Slow growth in size is a natural approach. And this new 4th generation of wind power generators adds diverse, cutting edge technology to improve efficiency of wind electric generation systems.

Traditional large-bladed wind power turbines form the basis of the 4th generation strategy to increase the penetration of wind in the global energy mix. Just smaller and more efficient!

WARP Wind Turbine Power Generator

Mr. Weisbrich sees WARP wind electricity generation applications ranging from traditional utility scale wind power farms and distributed commercial or village wind generation power units, to cost-effective dual-use energy generation applications with wireless telecommunication towers, electric power transmission/distribution towers, high-rise building integrated WARP 'penthouse' units, and offshore petroleum industry platforms.

Third generation wind power generators -- you know, those HUGE wind tubines that have blades larger than a railroad car -- those windmill turbines rely on moving major components to a site with specialized transportation requiring complex logistics. When something goes wrong, the cranes frequently have to be brought back on site at the wind generation farm. That gets expensive and drives UP the cost of renewable energy generation for users, and reduces the ROI and break-even point for the windmill energy generation owner.

WARP Fourth Generation Wind Power Generation

Wind Amplified Rotor Platforms -- WARP wind generator tower systems are built from mass-produced components, with small wind turbines stacked in a structure that amplifies wind speed.

Renewable energy owners benefit from:

  • Lower cost of WARP wind turbine generator installations than traditional turbines due to the absence of gearboxes, hydraulics, blade pitch mechanisms, turbine yaw mechanisms and complicated control systems
  • Higher power generation availability because of quick repairs, local or regional stocks of replacement parts, and only partial power outage should energy generating turbines fail
  • Smaller real estate footprint for wind generator tower locations
  • More aesthetically pleasing wind generator tower than traditional windmill turbines

WARP wind generator tower structures consist of a core lattice tower with toroidal modules stacked vertically around it. Alternating modules each support four electricity generating turbines with rotors placed in the amplified flow fields. The wind energy turbine-supporting modules yaw freely about the core tower so as to point into the wind without the use of servos. Vertical modularity enables construction of small-scale “vertical wind farms” that save on real estate requirements, facilitate renewable energy generating building-integration and allow the use of multipurpose buildings as the base of the wind power generator support structure. This modular approach to wind generator towers enables precise sizing of WARP systems to the power requirements of specific users.

Wind turbine generator repair without cranes, low component count, fewer ancillary systems and a "keep-it-simple" approach to wind turbine generator system design, can result in reduced repair times and cost. Wind energy generating systems comprising multiple yaw modules achieve even higher availability because failure of a single yaw module results in only partial (as opposed to total) loss of wind generating power.

How the WARP Wind Power Generation System Works

WARP was developed by ENECO's founder, Alfred L. Weisbrich, an aeronautical engineer with many years experience in advanced rotors for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. He was also involved in the development of large conventional and vertical axis wind turbines for the aerospace industry, including the first vertical axis turbine at Kaman Aerospace for Sandia Laboratories, and the development of the world's largest capacity 4,000 kilowatt turbines for the U.S. Department of Energy/NASA.

The WARP wind power generation system uses the Bernoulli Principle to amplify wind speed, so that smaller wind turbines become viable in lower wind power regimes. The unique shape of the WARP wind turbine generator modules achieves amplification factors in the range of 1.5 to 1.8 times free wind speed. Wind speed amplification is highly significant because of the cubic relationship between wind speed and the power available to a turbine.

Weisbrich said, "WARP is designed so it can also operate as a stand-alone wind generator tower system with fossil fired power plants such as gas turbine, micro-turbine or diesel, housed in the tower base - and reduce fuel consumption and pollutants from 50 to 70 percent. We see WARP as a complementary wind power generator technology with excellent economy - and environmentally 'green' characteristics to serve a variety of renewable energy generation markets."

The elimination of complex gearboxes, yaw mechanisms, pitch control and other ancillary systems from the WARP wind turbine generator system architecture promotes mass production of the basic components and associated economies of scale. Individual components are deliberately dimensioned to be "human-sized", facilitating easy handling and on-site storage of spare parts for wind generator repairs.

A "plug-and-play" approach to basic wind turbine components allows short restoration times in the event of failure, by swapping out faulty turbine units such as drives or generators. Ongoing wind generator tower maintenance access to components is provided from inside the WARP structure, and winches may be included in the turbine tower design so that cranes are never required on site for construction or repair.

Applications and Location of WARP Wind Power Generators in Smart Grid Systems

Distributed generation is based on connecting generators and users of energy along an information enhanced "smart grid. This wind generation design makes it possible to make the "smart grid" itself generate energy -- that's smart! Transmission towers in windy terrain can become wind power generation towers when combined with a WARP power generator tower to generate electricity along the entire pathway of the transmission line.

Applications being considered include:

  • Power line towers built with WARP wind power towers
  • Buildings with WARP wind power generator towers
  • Remote location wind and hybrid combination renewable energy / processes for water purification, hydrogen generation, waste water treatment, water pumping, etc.
  • Oil platforms and oil rig WARP wind power generators

The new wind generator tower technology, WARP™ - Wind Amplified Rotor Platform, was developed, and recently patented internationally by ENECO of West Simsbury, Connecticut, and is now at the point of licensing and/or commitment in various wind power fields-of-use and geographic locations around the world.

Learn more at this new company's website:

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