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CNG Fuel Availability in California-Clean Energy

Clean Energy is a California-based company that compresses CNG locally and builds commercial NGV fueling stations.

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CNG Fleet
"Natural gas is America’s best kept energy secret," says Chad Lindholm, regional manager with Clean Energy. "It’s cleaner, cheaper and domestic – and natural gas provides the largest supply of alternative fuel we have – with 97% of our supply produced in North America. It’s a fossil fuel, but we don’t import it. It’s half way to the hydrogen dream – the first hydrogen stations will produce hydrogen from natural gas."

Clean Energy CNG Fueling station

Fueling Stations

California is the nation's leading user of natural gas vehicles (NGVs), and the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition ( is devoted to ensuring that the state continues to set the pace in adopting this clean-burning transportation technology.


To locate your nearest clean fuel station, CalStart provides a locator for Electric, LNG, CNG, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Biodiesel and Methanol locations.


Natural gas is available as CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquid natural gas) and the two processed forms are used for different applications. CNG is already widely used in commercial vehicles across California because the AQMD has supported fleet applications in buses, trucks and taxis to reduce emissions. Natural gas just runs cleaner than baseline diesel engines and it costs less than gasoline, so companies benefit and community air quality benefits.

Emissions include Nox, particulate matter and greenhouse gases (GHG) and natural gas used in some vehicles such as the Honda Civic GX can reduce up to 25% of GHGs. That’s above the standards called for in the new California AB32 requirements that call for a 10% reduction.

CNG Fleet

AQMD provides grant funding to support natural gas to help companies meet "Fleet Rules" because it is the cleanest option widely available. Funding programs are growing for natural gas solutions and suppliers such as Clean Energy helps companies transition their fleets not only with grant applications, but assist them in buying vehicles and will build a dispensing station -- and if the volume warrants it -- at no cost to the company.

"Stations are always open for public access as well as private company use," and Clean Energy is one of several companies making this access network available. There are currently 170 Clean Energy CNG stations in North America with more than 40 in California. You can find lists of CNG fueling stations on the Clean Energy Website.

Natural gas in California has already been deployed broadly in the commercial sector and is growing:

  • 2,000 Refuse trucks
  • 5,000 Transit buses
  • 1,000 Taxis at airports with natural gas fueling available at every airport across California
  • 300 Shuttle vans
…and the numbers are growing monthly.

Clean Energy is a California-based company that compresses CNG locally, and also has an LNG production facility in Texas. CNG is pipeline gas which is compressed into a vehicular fuel while LNG is liquid natural gas and is delivered by heavy duty trucks.

Clean Energy purchases its gas from local distribution companies such as the Southern California Gas Company and Pacific Gas & Electric who distribute gas thoughout the existing pipeline infrastructure in the state. Clean Energy compresses the natural gas into CNG vehicular fuel (standard 3600 psi), retails it and dispenses it.

Natural Gas Vehicle Incentives

CNG Fleet Local air districts, state and federal clean-air and energy agencies encourage the use of clean-burning NGVs with incentives ranging from co-funding for vehicle purchases and infrastructure creation to tax credits, parking and driving privileges, and grants supporting new technology development. New funding and new programs are being created all the time.


The ROI of Natural Gas

"For fleets that can commit to 15,000 gallons per month of fuel usage, Clean Energy can provide all the necessary capital for the construction, operations and maintenance of a natural gas fueling facility all for a comprehensive fuel price as much as $1.00 per gallon less than petroleum fuels.

Need a benchmark to decide whether to look into on-site natural gas alternatives? A rough estimate of commercial fleet sizes that benefit from an on-site fueling station are:

  • 15 refuse trucks
  • 12 buses
  • 30 taxis
  • Hundreds of consumer cars
The more miles driven and the heavier the vehicle, the more the savings. "Heavy duty vehicles save the most…and with more than a dollar per gallon difference (equivalency) between diesel and CNG, most commercial vehicles provide a rapid payback," he explains.

Natural gas does not lend itself to conversion of older vehicles. The level of performance is significantly higher if the vehicle is outfitted with OEM equipment, or a diesel vehicle has very few miles on it. These vehicles will hold their low-emissions warranty and certifications for a longer time.

The US EPA has recognized the natural-gas Honda Civic GX as the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle on Earth. And the California Air Resources Board gave the Honda Civic GX an "AT-PZEV" emissions rating, which means it’s the "Cleanest on Earth." Because it uses natural gas, it not only achieves fuel-cost savings but helps decrease the dependence on oil that carries global risk factors and higher emissions.

Chad Lindholm, Regional Manager

Clean Energy - Seal Beach (Corporate Headquarters)
3020 Old Ranch Parkway, Suite 200
Seal Beach, CA 90740
Ph: (562) 493-2804
Fax (562) 493-4532

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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