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Solid Waste Options - Profits Are Different than Expected

Solid waste recycling ROI is all about how you structure the costs and savings of your overall waste management system.

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Reuse, Shredding, Energy Generation and Recycling

The market for selling recycled content is... well, low. Revenue fluctuates widely by demand cycles.

But the profitability of recycling content has never been higher. It's all in how you look at the overall waste stream.

Solid waste recycling ROI is all about how you structure the costs and savings of your overall waste management system. "Structure" is where the real bottom line advantages of solid waste management contributes to ROI. Let's unravel the real lifecycle costs of "stuff" in an operation.

You haul raw materials (or products) in. You process them. And you ship your finished products. But you also gather, sort, compact, store, deodorize, de-varmint-ize and haul out the trash! That's where the true lifecycle costs hide.

Operational Costs

Energy is one of the large components of waste management. Energy is used to collect, compact, haul and pay for the landfill tipping fees.

With gas prices on the rise, it is no wonder that the idea of increased compaction and reducing transportation costs and tipping fees of waste by as much as one-third, is an appealing cost savings opportunity.

Compaction allows larger loads to be hauled, thus reducing the number of trips to the landfill... and the number of tipping fees paid to the landfill.

Reducing Waste Management Costs

Until recently traditional compactors worked on the principle of one-way hydraulic compression. "The evolution of the Valpak® is comparable to what occurred in the agricultural industry," the CEO of the company Christophe Billion explains. "Before bales of wheat were square. Now we produce round bales due to more efficient mechanization of harvesting."

Valpak compacts waste into plastic bags of up to 900 lbs or more into a 2 cubic yard bin, ensuring a clean work environment and easy stockage.

There are also exterior factors that have contributed to the need for high performance waste management equipment and systems, such as the necessity to sort and recycle waste becoming an obligation for companies. The rise in labor costs and the pressure to increase productivity are also issues that all companies face.

Some of the high performance features of the new generations of trash compaction and sorting include:

  • Minimized space requirements and footprint
  • Minimized noise levels
  • Compaction directly at the waste production location
  • No preliminary handling
  • Continuous collection, with no pileup of inventory
  • Tidy and practical storage that prevents bacteria and odors
  • Reduction of volume to optimize weight per container or hauling trucks, to cut transport costs
  • Increase bale weight by 20%

Techval is a European-based global manufacturer of high-perforance waste management equipment. Techval is moving to North America with recent commercialization and manufacturing of its equipment in Canada through its local subsidiary Technivalor Inc. The consortium is enlarging its range of rotary compactors to include the New Valpak® Bin compactor. Valpak products include the standard Valpak compactor for recyclable waste, and the Valpak GW compactor for general waste, the Valpak Bin compactor, which is a combination of the two.

Technivalor Inc.’s Revolutionary Screw Compactor crushes and compacts waste in one motion, thus saving energy on-site, as well as the transportation savings. Technivalor’s Revolutionary Screw Compactor is a new way to reduce ever increasing waste costs. The Europeans have a head start on American technologies in waste management. Their regulatory history started before the US trend because they have less land for landfills, and they were more heavily affected by early pollution problems such as acid rain that was the result of waste management... both chemical and solid waste. Technivalor is bringing their high performance waste management equipment to North America.

Cardboard Screw Compactor

Compaction with Technivalor Inc.’s Revolutionary Screw Compactor reduces bulky and oversized materials efficiently for a wide variety of recyclable and waste materials including, cardboard, wooden pallets, plastic film and other waste.

Their independently driven feed-screw for cardboard waste forces bulky and oversized materials efficiently into the compression and the pre-crushing screw for fast processing.

Able to achieve unbelievable compaction ratios, Technivalor's Screw Compactor fills a 40 cubic yard container with 3 times more waste than traditional ram compactors.

Wood/General Waste Compactor

Preferred Recycling Equipment Inc
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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