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Become Citizens of a Better Future

Happy New year! We face a new dawn tomorrow that can shape our personal, family and global citizenship. How?

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We face a brave new frontier... where simple answers don't exist.

You and I are probably interested in a better future... hence our interest in green and sustainability. One thing I've learned is that green is an "attitude about everything." Living in harmony is about personal choices, about family, community and yes, the environment in which we breath, eat, sleep, work and play.

How far are you interested in taking your new approach to life ... to lifestyle, food choices, transportation choices? Choices of all kinds? (Isn't this an exciting journey of discovery!#@?

What if you could affect one category of choices at a time that makes a significant difference for your health, for your wallet, for your family, and for your planet at the same time?

What would your categories of choices be?

  1. Transportation: walk or take manual vehicles whenever possible
  2. Entertainment: learn and share art skills in music, poetry, drawing, etc.
  3. Drinking: drink water more frequently, and remove caffeine, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc
  4. Food: eat a plant based diet

Your reasons for taking any of these steps toward a less impacting lifestyle is valuable -- both for your personal well being, and the habitat in which you share life with other individuals of many species.

A recent article by Angel Finn applies a "future" oriented approach to veganism. She pointed out that first understanding that animals of all species have feelings and individual personalities is a basic understanding for justice. And then comes the task of learning how to make good choices that support your desire to be citizens of a better future.

Veganism is an acknowledgement of the responsibility of the individual – the recognition of our obligation to minimize the harm we cause by our existence, and to develop in ourselves the qualities necessary to become citizens of a better future; where no one is oppressed, where no one is treated as a means to an end.

If we truly seek a peaceful world – a world in which people do not live in fear of one another, and a world in which humans are not universally regarded as the most violent species on the planet – then there is simply no way we can sidestep veganism as the key to the future we are seeking; the essential step on the way to developing qualities that are vital to our continued existence.

Veganism is akin to being green and sustainable. It is another set of choices we can weigh and work toward, or dive into -- each according to their circumstances and beliefs.

But being a responsible citizen of our future isn't really a choice, it's our fate. And the kind of citizen we want to be is up to us. There are usually no accolades for being a good citizen. There are costs. But there are also costs for NOT being a good citizen.

As we face a new year, we are nudged into taking stock of our past year's activities and choices -- and refine them for the coming year. Your choices in the basic systems of your life are vital to your health, wealth, well being ... and those lifeforms around you that you admire, depend upon, and care about.

May your coming year be one of peace, harmony and personal growth for the well being of all. May each day sharpen your personality with clarity, joy and value.

Happy New Year,

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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