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Timeless Techniques for Modern Sustainable Gardens

Sustainable gardening and food production is value at its greatest -- sustainable food gardening provides individual health, local air and water quality, habitat for local natives, and contributes to a healthy environment. And it's delightful for your soul!

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My mother and father were part of a timeless quest for sustainable gardening and farming, so it was with delight that I received a notice of this book about "Shamanic gardening".

For my parents, gardening was both a practical and spiritual exercise -- it gave them peace and beauty in the turmoils of life. And it provided them and their children with wholesome, healthy food. How much more "shamanic" can you get?


No other gardening book better illustrates the vast cultural history and modern practicality sustainability and permaculture.

SHAMANIC GARDENING contains a history of sustainable gardening, including techniques used by Cleopatra, the Japanese, the Pueblo Indians, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many others.

Learn to design an edible, elegant, sustainable landscape, grow healing herbs, extract flower essences, grow aphrodisiacs, and plant for nutrition and beauty.

Includes shamanic principles to garden with more awareness and effectiveness, using your inner senses, working with earth energies, color, flower essences, and more.

The Author, Melinda Joy Miller is the founder of the Shambhalla Institute

Melinda Joy designed the Shamanic Gardening system as a natural evolution to her diverse background, which includes her experience as a cultural anthropologist, medicine woman, sensorimotor-integrative therapist, metaphysical healer, and nationally known feng shui master, with over thirty years’ experience in permaculture, sustainability, and herbology.


“Chock full of everything you want to know about gardening. There are the essential how to' on what to plant and the nutritional value of specific herbs. I felt, after reading it, that I'd spent an afternoon with a wise friend who had brought me the secrets of nature.” -Susie Arnett, Curriculum Developer, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY

“A Seminal work whose time has come… This book could not be more timely and Melinda Joy is the perfect conduit to share this ageless wisdom with the world.” -Becky Gilbert, Life Coach and Founder of Quantum Consciousness Initiative.

“It’s as if the author is having a personal conversation with the reader and spiritual insights are backed up by practical tips, about a wide range of garden choices and activities.” -Graham Bell, Author The Permaculture Way, The Permaculture Garden

“Melinda Joy writes about her historied connection with Mother Earth and showcases her incredible talent and ideas for creating harmonic, healing gardens.” -Deborah Lindquist, Sustainable fashion designer, Eco-Couture, Los Angeles CA

“I loved the book… I can pick this book up and turn to any page and find a passage that grounds me to the earth and makes me feel present, alive and grateful.” -Dana Congdon, Screenwriter/feature film editor, Basketball Diaries, Godfather III Topanga, CA

To Purchase:

It will be in book stores soon. The Shambhalla Institute is selling advance copies.

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