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Concrete Manufacturing Reduces CO2 Emissions with EF Technology

EF Technology(TM)substantially replaces traditional Portland cement with reclaimed fly ash and/or slag

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U.S. Concrete Reduced Potential Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 328,000 Tons in 2006 Through Green Technology Commitment

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 4, 2007--U.S. Concrete (NASDAQ:RMIX), one of the nation's leading producers of ready-mix concrete, announced today its company-wide commitment to environmentally friendly technologies that will reduce potential carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by hundreds of thousands of tons annually. U.S. Concrete is the first national ready-mix concrete company to announce such a company-wide commitment in the United States.

The company formalized its position today with the introduction of its EF Technology(TM) through which it substantially replaces traditional Portland cement with reclaimed fly ash and/or slag (left over material from coal-fired industrial plants or iron mills, respectively) and produces an environmentally superior and sustainable alternative to traditional Portland cement concrete. The company's use of EF Technology resulted in a reduction of 328,000 tons of potential CO2 emissions in its operations during 2006.

"Our commitment to EF Technology is a triple win: for our customers, for product quality and for the environment," said Michael W. Harlan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Houston-based U.S. Concrete. "It is quite gratifying that this idea emanated as a grassroots effort from our professionals in the field. Our people are passionate about the fact that EF Technology produces a higher quality product for our customers, while significantly reducing environmental impact."

EF Technology's Environmental Benefits

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Portland cement, the component that binds concrete, accounts for 6-8% of human generated CO2 in the environment. Substantial replacement of Portland cement with reclaimed fly ash or slag dramatically reduces the greenhouse gases associated with concrete production. U.S. Concrete and its operating companies reduced potential CO2 emissions in 2006 by over 328,000 tons through use of this technology.

Reduces Landfill Space Consumption

EF Technology's beneficial reuse of fly ash and slag reduces the impact on landfill space. Over 40 million tons of this material clogs the country's landfills each year. Use of EF Technology not only reduces air emissions, but also reduces the impact of landfill disposal of fly ash.

Reduces Raw Material Consumption

In addition to other environmental benefits, use of EF Technology reduces the demand for mined natural resources needed to produce traditional Portland cement. EF Technology saves between 100 and 300 pounds of mined natural resources for each cubic yard of concrete produced.

EF Technology's Product Quality & Customer Benefits

Produces highly durable product

EF Technology using high fly ash and or slag produces less bleeding and product shrinkage over traditional concrete mixes. Replacing up to 50% of traditional Portland cement improves concrete strength by increasing the product's chemical resistance and durability. Slower hydration rates and lower heat of hydration improves the integrity of mass concrete structures like large foundations, bridges and other structures.

Produces LEED credits for certain construction projects

Use of EF Technology concrete products can assist in qualifying for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. The United States Green Building Council established the LEED program to rate a building or structure's environmental performance. EF Technology product attributes qualify for credits under this program, positively impacting a building's environmental performance rating.

Cost competitive alternative and readily available

Reclaimed fly ash and slag used in EF Technology products are readily available and cost-efficient replacements for traditional Portland cement (up to 50%), which uses mined natural resources. Cost efficiency combined with multiple environmental benefits gives customers a superior product choice while helping protect the environment.

"I am really proud of what our people have been able to accomplish with this program," Harlan added. "Good corporate stewardship and quality products have been cornerstones of our success - this is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment while giving our customers a superior product choice that benefits their projects."

Under the EF Technology program, U.S. Concrete and all of its operating companies will actively seek to educate, promote and urge the selection of this environmentally superior alternative to traditional Portland mixed concrete. The company and its subsidiaries operate in nine states throughout the United States and include: Smith Pre-Cast, Inc. (Arizona), Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc, Central Precast Concrete, Inc., San Diego Precast Concrete, Inc. (all in California), Wyoming Concrete Industries (Delaware), Superior Concrete Materials, LLC (in Maryland), Superior Materials, LLC (Michigan), Eastern Concrete Materials, Inc. (New Jersey), Atlas-Tuck Concrete, Inc. (Oklahoma), City Concrete, Inc., Ready Mix Concrete of Knoxville (both in Tennessee), Ingram Enterprises, L.P., Redi-Mix Concrete, L.P. and U.S. Concrete Corporate Office (all in Texas).

About U.S. Concrete

U.S. Concrete services the construction industry in several major markets in the United States through its two business segments: ready-mixed concrete and concrete-related products; and western precast concrete. The Company has 148 fixed and nine portable ready-mixed concrete plants, nine pre-cast concrete plants, three concrete block plants and eight aggregates facilities. During 2006, these facilities produced approximately 9.1 million cubic yards of ready-mixed concrete, 4.0 million eight-inch equivalent block units and 4.6 million tons of aggregates. For more information on U.S. Concrete, visit

EF Technology and its logo are registered trademarks of U.S. Concrete Inc. and protected under trademark laws in the United States.


Wally Johnson
U.S. Concrete, Inc.,

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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