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Sustainability System with Solutions Symbols are powerful tools. Language is made up of symbols and symbols have come to be used as company logos, as cultural icons, as safety flags...and as idea generators.

I've been puzzling about how to simplify and enrich our message at California Green Solutions. What differentiates us from your company? What will include you and your company and your family in our shared mission?

This morning an "s" bubbled up as our symbol.

S is our middle name. Solutions. Sustainability. And the biggest message of all -- System.

Years ago my nephew shared his studies about "systems theory" with me and it made a deep impression on my thinking and my life. I realized that in America we think in terms of individualism...but in reality, everything is connected. Everything is part of a system within a system, within larger systems. And a system is more powerful than individual actions.

We live in the local ecosystem. But that system is tied to the regional ecosystem...which is tied to the globe...which is tied to the universe. But the human system has been layered OVER that raw system. Yes, we are part of the system. But we have altered the system faster than the natural system can restore itself in its systematic way.

What concerns me is how the natural system will rebalance itself. We are part of the natural system and when any part of the natural system gets out of balance -- the larger system rebalances itself.

Hence hurricanes. Earthquakes. The ice age. The demise of the dinosaurs.

Have we unbalanced the system in which we live to the point that the natural system will take drastic actions against the human species?

My suspicion is, yes, we are causing a tipping point in the system.

Americans...and yes, all humans, are disaster-driven. Our successful periods lull us into sloth and greed and laziness. But when a disaster looms, the survivors among us get busy and do something to survive. We're at that point. We have identified a disaster oozing around us...and a segment of the population is mobilizing to address that threat to survival.

That's where another "S" comes in. Solutions.

The system in which effective solutions are birthed is "Sustainabilty". What does it take to restore and maintain harmony with nature's system? How does the human system of civilization -- housing, transportation, food production, recreation, art...etc., etc., etc., rebalance itself to be sustainable during this fragile time? And establish values and subsystems that are smarter than "growth at any cost"?

Remember the dinosaurs?

The bright spot in this ominous sounding message is that the human mind IS adaptive. We DO respond to emergencies. Hope inspires us. The challenge this time is that the threat is bigger than anything we've faced before because we are such a massive population...and we've built such massive earth-shaping machines. We are dinosauric is size. And we need to think big enough to deal with the scope of today's challenge.

I believe we can.

That's why the "S" is about Systems. Solutions. And Sustainability.

And that's why we seek strong minds -- to stretch that "S" to support the scramble for survival that we share! :-) (Smiley!)

The bottom line is Survival with Sustainable Systems!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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