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Green Collar Environmental Jobs of Earth's Environmental Systems

The earth itself is a "green collar worker", providing green jobs, green job training and the supply chain for sustainable business and community.

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Green collar natural resources conservaiton Green collar jobs are about work, honorable work that supports our basic survival systems -- natural systems of the earth.

We believe in the value of work. We believe that the blue collar sector made, and makes -- America work! Carolyn Allen, our founder is from a blue collar background. Her mother and father worked an organic farm and her father was a carpenter for his neighbors around town. Carolyn grew up working hard on that organic farm and has worked to build quality community ever since.

Honest, smart work is the heart of our sustainability philosophy at California Green Solutions. That's why we are building a network of news, information and seminars about solutions -- we help shine the light on practical green solutions that tell one another about good, honest solutions to our current challenge with the environment, with local community and business vitality.

And that's why we have put the earth herself into a "green collar".

Hard working people might be characterized as "blue collar workers", but the earth itself is a hard working "green collar worker"! In fact, each of the natural systems could be classified as a "green collar worker": the ecosystems, each species, the weather... each plays a vital role in the renewable system we live in. And each is a hands-on green collar job with environmental results.

We salute the master "green collar worker", Earth, and give credit where credit is due!

We hope to give earth a break, make it a bit easier for her systems to thrive as they have for millions of years. The top priorities in our green solution resources include energy efficiency and reduction, organic food production, local family and business productivity, and balanced, interwoven systems thinking. Difficult challenges, yes, but green collar collaboration can make a significant difference in local ecosystems, regional systems, and even global environmental systems.

Green-Collar-Workers of Earth
California Green Solutions

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