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Green Collar Jobs

Public and commercial employment opportunities create green jobs

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Green Collar Labor Works for Earth Like Earth Works for Us

"Green collar jobs" that improve environmental quality include private and public employment opportunities related to zero waste, energy and water conservation, residential solar energy, whole home performance, local procurement, open space, and strengthening local food systems.

Yesterday's blue collar jobs are unfolding with the grace of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon -- not elegant, but transformative to be sure!

Green roofs. Brownfield remediation. Solar installation. The list is growing monthly as entrepreneurs, public agencies, nonprofits and even corporations the size of General Electric put out the call for people who are innovative, have a strong work ethic -- because green work is not easy or simple -- and who care about their home and their community.

Raquel Pinderhughes is one of San Francisco's pioneers researching the potential of green-collar jobs, "I have been interviewing employers who provide green collar jobs to workers in more than 100 local firms/institutions which are producing jobs in 22 specific sectors..."

  • Bicycle repair and bike delivery services
  • Car and truck mechanic jobs, production jobs, and gas-station jobs related to biodiesel
  • Energy retrofits to increase energy efficiency and conservation
  • Green building
  • Green waste composting on a large scale
  • Hauling and reuse of construction materials and debris (C&D)
  • Hazardous materials clean-up
  • Landscaping for water conservation, using native plants, and biofiltration
  • Manufacturing jobs related to large scale production of appropriate technologies (i.e. solar panels, bike cargo systems, green waste bins, etc.)
  • Materials reuse
  • Non-toxic household cleaning in residential and commercial buildings
  • Parks and open space expansion and maintenance
  • Printing with non-toxic inks and dyes -- and venting the facilities for no-emissions
  • Public transit jobs related to driving, maintenance, and repair
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Small businesses producing products from recycled materials
  • Solar installation
  • Tree cutting and pruning
  • Peri-urban and urban agriculture
  • Water retrofits to increase water efficiency and conservation
  • Whole home performance, including attic insulation, weatherization, etc.
... the list is growing -- literally and figuratively!

Environmental justice is not one of our core missions -- but it is certainly part of the overall green industry concern. Part of justice is opportunity, and part of opportunity is training, jobs...and business opportunities.

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