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Green Fleet Management & Transportation Seminar
July 31, 2007

Green Fleet Management & Transportation Seminar
July 31, 2007 - Renewable Energy

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Date July 31, 2007
Time 8 a.m. - 12 Noon
Location Energy Resource Center, Southern California Gas Company, Downey, CA
Registration Pre-registration is required.
Registration is $50. Save with early registration!

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Experienced California green transportation speakers bring you the inside information on managing your complete business case -- savings, incentive programs, proven technologies and compliance with environmental regulations. We help you identify truly green, truly practical strategies to meet Southern California's need for emissions reduction...and green cost reductions.

See background information on our stellar panelists below...

Our Expert Green Fleet Management Panelists Represent...
Basic business fleet transportation seminar

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The "Business Case" panel will discuss

  • Fleet trends and strategies
  • Green Transportation compliance and incentives to meet state and regional regulations
  • Creative financing strategies
  • Rick Sikes - City of Santa Monica for green transportation case study
  • Dean Saito - South Coast AQMD for compliance and incentives
  • Susan Romeo with WestStart-CALSTART with current trends
  • Kathy Dasal with Orange Commercial Credit for creative financing
  • Richard Leimbach with California Truck Association for fleet safety and management strategies
The "Green Trends and Technologies" Panel will share current solutions
  • Natural gas vehicles and infrastructure for fleets
  • Electric street-ready fleet vehicles
  • Biodiesel fleet solutions
  • Aerodynamics and other truck upfit solutions
  • Russell Sydney from the Sustainable Transport Club brings a broad view of practical solutions
  • Michael Bolin with The Gas Company's Alternative Fuel division discusses the savings available with CNG
  • Bryon Bliss brings their the brand-spanking new Phoenix electric pickup for fleets
  • Joe Gershan with Tellurian Biodiesel discusses the fastest growing alternative fuel solution
  • Kathy Rose, NoseCone, breezes in with savings from aerodynamic upfits.
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  • California Trucking Association
  • SCADA State of California Auto Dismantlers Association

Meet vendors who offer regional solutions! Products and services that will help you save a buck and save your breath! If you would like to exhibit your green solutions at these seminars, contact Eric Bezko. Phone: 949-644-4842


Join us for an early continental breakfast
and get acquainted with fellow green leaders.
Date Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Times Continental Breakfast & Exhibits: 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

Panel One:
8:30 – 9:45 Compliance, incentive programs and financing to manage the business case.
The business case for greening small fleets including the compliance changes, major trucking trends, socially responsible company environment, and financing the green upgrades.

9:45 – 10:30 BREAK: Refreshments and Exhibitor Networking

Panel Two:
10:30 – 11:45 Green Transportation Technologies and Strategies to implement practical solutions.
Transportation management techniques to save fuel, tires, drivers and money. And reduce emissions at the same time!

11:45 – 12:00 Exhibits and Demonstrations

Location Downey, CA in the Energy Resource Conference Center -- Southern California Gas Company

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Our Expert Green Fleet Management Panelists Represent...
Basic business fleet transportation seminar

The Business Case for Fleet Managment

Rick Sikes
Fleet Superintendent
City of Santa Monica

Sustainable Transport Club Los Angeles Rick Sikes, Fleet Superintendent,helps keep Santa Monica’s small army of vehicles running green. He and his fellow city visionaries educate the city about the benefits of alternative transportation strategies. He has been a regional leader in deploying alternative vehicles and fuels throughout the city fleet.

Santa Monica wants to be the nation’s first “Net Zero” city. Through energy efficiency, solar and other renewable energy, the city envisions generating clean energy that matches its total energy consumption. Santa Monica goes beyond clean electricity to be a city that models clean transportation, as well. Over 80% of the city’s 519 vehicles are either alt-fuel or electric. A total of 265 city vehicles run on natural gas, including heavy trucks and street sweepers. 5 of the city’s fleet of Toyota Priuses were converted by Quantum to run on pure hydrogen. And over the next few years the city fleet will get cleaner. Hydrogen can be mixed with CNG to make many of the existing vehicles run cleaner.

Susan Romeo
Director of Marketing and Communications

weststart calstart alternative fleet management Susan Romeo is the Director of Marketing and Communications for WestStart-CALSTART, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to the growth of the advanced transportation technology industry. Headquartered in Pasadena, California, WestStart-CALSTART is an industry catalyst working with companies and organizations throughout the United States.

Susan is responsible for WestStart-CALSTART’s marketing outreach efforts on behalf of the organization, as well as overseeing web site communications, publications and newsletters. She organizes all WestStart-CALSTART workshops, seminars, and conferences including the annual Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Conference. In addition, Susan leads WestStart-CALSTART’s Hybrid Bus Working Group, working with fleets to purchase small hybrid buses.

Prior to joining CALSTART, Susan was media director at a Los Angeles-based political consulting and public affairs firm where she developed and implemented media strategies for its corporate and political clients. Prior to that, Susan worked in other public affairs firms as a consultant doing media and legislative and issue advocacy. Susan is a graduate of UCLA, where she received both her A.B. degree and Master of Public Administration degree.

CALSTART is a statewide, non-profit, public-private consortium of over 200 participants worldwide dedicated to creating an advanced transportation technologies industry. Its goals are to clean air, create high-paying jobs, redirect aerospace and defense industry abilities, and improve California's global competitiveness. CALSTART’s business is clean transportation - including promoting electric, hybrid electric and natural gas vehicles. Key services include technology development, industry strategic brokering, fleet and airport consulting.

Dean Saito
Manager, Mobile Source Strategies Section
Science and Technical Advancement
South Coast Air Quality Management District

AQMD South Coast AQMD Dean Saito is the Manager of the On-Road Mobile Source Strategies Unit in the newly formed Mobile Source Division of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the air pollution control agency responsible for the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, and all of Orange County. This area of over 10,000 square miles is home to 16 million people, and currently does not meet healthful air quality standards for ground-level ozone or fine particulates.

Dean is responsible for the development and implementation of mobile source strategies as they pertain to plan development and rule implementation. He is responsible for the implementation of the Rule 1100 series rules for fleet operations. He is also responsible for the alternative fueling infrastructures and most recently the development of a light duty repair and scrap program via the identification of gross polluting vehicles identified through remote sensing techniques. In May 2007, Dean was appointed to a four-year term by the Senate Rules Committee to be the air quality expert on the Inspection & Maintenance Review Committee, which oversees California’s Smog Program.

Kathleen Dasal
Regional Manager
Orange Commercial Credit

Sem-Small Fleet Management, fleet financing orange commercial credit Kathleen Dasal is the Regional Manager for Orange Commercial Credit, a nationally recognized leader in transportation factoring. Ms. Dasal has been in the commercial finance industry since 1984 and has a wide range of experience in management, commercial credit and collections, auditing and marketing. Kathleen received a BA in Business Administration and majored in Finance at the California State University, Fullerton.

Over the last 26 years, Orange Commercial Credit has established itself as the cornerstone of finance and support services to the transportation industry. We are one of the oldest privately held factoring companies in the United States.

Small trucking companies very often have a hard time obtaining the necessary capital, and lack the support they need to sustain their business. OCC’s factoring programs can provide these businesses with immediate cash by purchasing their accounts receivables. This is an easy way to feed the cash flow cycle without creating debt. OCC also provides, at no additional charge, all the necessary credit clearances, invoice mailing, professional routine follow-up on invoices as they become due, and maintenance of aging and collection reports. These trucking companies will have all the benefits of a well-trained staff without the overhead. Experience, integrity and exceptional customer service makes us stand out even to our competitors as the “Partner Truckers Trust”.

Rich Leimbach
Director of Safety Services
California Trucking Association

solar earth sun Richard Leimbach is Director of Safety Services and Training of the California Trucking Association, located in West Sacramento.

At CTA, Rich oversees several departments, including Safety, Security, and Seminars & Training. A 16 year veteran of the trucking industry, Rich came to CTA in 1999 from Think Fresh Transport where he was Vice President of Operations handling the company’s Safety Compliance and Human Resources Departments.

California Trucking Association -- CTA -- represents 2,500 member companies in the trucking industry and its affiliated suppliers before the California legislature and state agencies. They provide extensive training programs for trucking companies and drivers.

Technology Solutions for Fleet Managment

Russell Sydney
Sustainable Transport Club

Sustainable Transport Club Los Angeles Russell Sydney is a business consultant who helps people adapt to changes in energy cost and availability, computerized systems, and production and marketing practices. Organizing the Sustainable Transport Club has brought together manufacturers, advocates, elected representatives, suppliers, distributors and end users interested in a range of sustainable options. The group covers everything from electric cars to renewable fuels, mass transit and bicycles. Sydney's business management work has included the technology conversion of small businesses assisted over 300 companies to computerize as well as management oversight of small fleets for construction and street clean up service that included managing both gasoline and diesel industrial vehicles.

Joe Gershen
Managing Director, Sales and Marketing
Tellurian Biodiesel

tellurian biodiesel Joe Gershen started in the biodiesel business in 2002 and has been a pioneer in the Southern California market, working with municipal, corporate, governmental, small business and retail customers and clients. By establishing strong industry relationships he has been able to develop projects and ventures in biodiesel production, distribution, market development, emissions testing, education and community outreach throughout the region.

Mr. Gershen was instrumental in helping City of Santa Monica convert its existing diesel fleet to biodiesel in February 2005, and has been working with other cities, agencies and companies throughout California as they make this transition to sustainable fuel. He is involved in projects with the US DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, California Energy Commission, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and California Air Resources Board, and has assembled science and engineering teams to provide project support for Fortune 100 clients.

Mr. Gershen regularly consults and speaks to industry groups, environmental and community organizations, as well as K-12 and college educational institutions. He has met with regulatory agencies and state and local policy makers concerning transportation fuels emissions reductions issues, and is often featured in print, broadcast radio and television publications for his experience in the biodiesel field.

Tellurian Biodiesel is a California-based biodiesel sales, distribution and production company with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The company markets a significant portion of the biodiesel consumed in California and the Southwest US region, with customers that include terminal operators, petroleum distributors, municipal, transit and public fleets as well as commercial fleet and logistics transport operators.

Tellurian has successfully managed the biodiesel fleet transition process for the cities of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Inglewood and San Francisco and has worked with companies such as Warner Brothers, Clif Bar, American Apparel and Google. With funding from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Tellurian is managing a biodiesel NOx reduction demonstration project in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, California Energy Commission and Air Resources Board. Tellurian Biodiesel is currently developing several biodiesel production facilities in California and throughout the United States. With a commitment to sustainability, our model is to use local and domestically available feedstocks for regional biodiesel production and consumption whenever possible in order to maximize carbon reduction and energy conservation.

Mike Bolin
NGV Account Executive
Southern California Gas Company

Southern California Gas Company Mike Bolin is a 30 year employee with the Southern California Gas Company. He is an NGV Account Executive and supports the natural gas vehicle customers in the Inland Empire. His career has had many phases in the automotive segment. He began as a mechanic working on natural gas vehicles and is a former ASE double master technician. Mike has a teaching credential and teaches automotive at the college level. He has degrees in Automotive and Diesel technology, Marketing and a Bachelors degree in Business from Biola University.

Southern California Gas Co. (The Gas Company) has received the 2007 "Industry Pioneer" award for its leadership in advancing natural gas as a clean transportation fuel by the Alternative Fuels Vehicle Institute (AFVi).

Southern California Gas Co. (The Gas Company) has successfully certified its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory with the California Climate Action Registry as part of its commitment to clean transportation. The Gas Company owns and operates a fleet of more than 1,100 natural gas-powered vehicles and 26 natural gas refueling stations. Since the early 1990s, The Gas Company has offered customer information, education and training programs to help its customers operate natural gas vehicles in a safe, economic and reliable manner.

Today, there are more than 15,000 natural gas-powered vehicles in operation throughout Southern California, which include transit buses, school buses, waste haulers, street sweepers, airport shuttles, taxis and commuter vehicles. In aggregate, these vehicles use more than 7.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year, which is the equivalent of 58.6 million gallons of gasoline.

Bryon Bliss
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Phoenix Motorcars, Inc.

Phoenix Motorcars electric pickup for fleets Bryon Bliss is Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Phoenix Motorcars, Inc. (PMI), located in Ontario, CA.

Bliss worked previously in the banking industry where he served as the La Verne, CA as PFF Bank & Trust Branch Manager. Bliss spent 1998 – 2000 in Taiwan and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He is currently completing his BA in Marketing, with an emphasis in Sales Management, from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, with graduation scheduled for early 2007.

Phoenix Motorcars manufactures zero-emission, freeway-speed fleet vehicles. It is an early leader in the mass production of full-function, green electric trucks and SUVs for commercial fleet use. Based in Ontario, California, Phoenix Motorcars uses the NanoSafe™ battery, a non-toxic, all-battery solution to eliminate noise and toxic vehicle emissions that contribute to air pollution.

Kathy Rose
Sales & Marketing Manager
Nose Cone/FitzGerald Corporation

solar earth sun solar earth sun

Kathy Rose is Sales and Marketing Manager for FitzGerald Corporation, the US distributor of aerodynamic products manufactured by Nose Cone Mfg. Co.

Since 1991, Kathy has passionately pursued an in-depth knowledge of ground vehicle aerodynamics and shares this knowledge with fleets to help customize solutions that are cost effective for their operational needs. Kathy is proud to be a part of a field that has such great potential to directly benefit our environment and help fleets increase profitability. Ms. Rose is a member of the technical advisory board for Cascade Sierra Solutions and is a trusted spokesperson for the field of aerodynamics as it applies to the trucking industry.

Nose Cone Mfg. Co. is the world’s leading manufacturer of aerodynamic solutions for truck bodies and trailers. Nose Cone began with the idea of developing add-on devices that streamlined airflow for improved efficiency. The company went on to develop and patent a variety of solutions focusing on changing the shape without interfering with the operational needs of boxy road vehicles. Today, the company continues in its tradition of offering the most effective aerodynamic solutions that are simple to implement, yet highly effective for the consumer.

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Professional Sponsors

California Trucking Association

The California Trucking Association ( supports the businesses that operate trucks in California and the companies that provide products and services to those companies. Members transport 85% of the shipments that travel on California's highways each day. California Trucking Association membership ranges from the self-employed owner-operator, to the one-person consulting firm, to the large international motor carriers and truck manufacturers and everything in between.

State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA)

The State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA) is a statewide trade association with approximately 200 members. SCADA was founded in 1957 to serve the members in areas of education, government, business and social activities as they relate to the auto dismantling and recycling industry. SCADA received California’s highest environmental honor, the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award. SCADA's "Partners in the Solution" program was recognized by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a "pioneering effort to integrate environmental values and conservation of natural resources into long-term decision making and management of business and facilities."

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