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Simple Green Employee Eco-Challenge

The Sunshine Makers at Simple Green manufacture environmentally friendly cleaners

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Simple Green  cleansers A company's heart is about more than its products. It's also about the community, and the Simple Green employees get into the mission of environmental intelligence on their own...and through a new corporate sponsored "Eco-Challenge".

Employees are called Sunshine Makers -- after the corporate name of Sunshine Makers, Inc. This easy-to-implement "Eco-Challenge" program is designed around an honor system and launched by Bruce FaBrizio, Founder, President & CEO of Sunshine Makers, Inc. as a natural continuation of the mission statement that his company operates under today.

Simple Green is a familiar brand of environmentally friendly cleaners sold in the grocery, DIY, industrial and other specialized markets. But the corporate story is even more interesting than the earth-friendly products it manufactures and sells.

Employee Eco-program

Simple Green's employee "Eco-Challenge" encourages individual lifestyle actions -- at least four goals and actions that adults WANT to take and are willing to monitor on the honor system. They are encouraged to track their progress over the 8 month period and report on their success or lack of attaining their goals at the end of the challenge.

Deciding what goals to tackle and actions to take is probably the single biggest step toward success!" says their introductory project flier. Already at the beginning of the Eco-Challenge, the employees are reporting fascinating progress:

  • Several folks are bicycling to work two or more days per week
  • A number are trying more aggressive recycling (beyond what the single-stream trash companies are offering,)
  • One Sunshine Maker is Xeriscaping her back yard
  • And many folks are buckling down on water conservation
"We’ve already had one Sunshine Maker purchase a Hybrid automobile, and fuel consumption is big on many Sunshine Makers’ priority lists," reports Carol Chapin, environmental and regulatory director. "One employee is switching to a 7-times more fuel efficient (than her current transportation) motorcycle, and many are cutting back on driving by car pooling, and making sure the maintenance is kept up on their cars and tires for best fuel efficiency."

A committee of employees will review submitted goals and actions...and achievements in order to encourage, support and reward participants with recognition as well as some undisclosed prizes as yet to be determined or announced. The fact that prizes haven't been announced and that participation has been high indicates the level of concern and committment that runs through this group of "environmentally intelligent" team members at Simple Green.

"One of the happiest surprises of our Eco-Challenge has been to discover all of the things that our fellow Sunshine Makers are already doing in the areas of greening their homes, giving their time and energy to charitable organizations and donating items to various causes," Carol reports. "We learned about many Energy Star appliances having already been installed, yard sales, bake sales, car washes and other events regularly being held to support religious and secular charities, and lots of time is already being invested and lots of time already invested in caring for shelter animals, the mentally and physically challenged, disadvantaged children, and homeless Veterans.

And how much more can be done? "Some of our Eco-Challenge applicants were hard-pressed to add more to already packed schedules and environmentally-preferable practices!"

Simple Green  cleansers

Sunshine Makers and Simple Green

From its beginning, Sunshine Makers, Inc. has been a company built on green and sustainable practices. Starting as a father-son venture with a mission to be responsible and caring about people and the environment, Sunshine Makers has grown to be an innovative consumer and industrial supplier of remedies for pollution and everyday community hygiene.

The industrial division develops industrial strength cleansers and has innovated bioremediation solutions for contaminated soil and participated in oil spill clean up projects around the world. Applications range from ocean oil spills (such as the Alaska Valdez spill) to applications in aerospace, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, food service, grounds maintenance, institutional and automotive sectors. Transportation and fleet maintenance solutions include trucking, buses, and van lines that need maintenance support to wash parts, pressure-wash exteriors, clean interior upholstery and carpets...clean shop floors and service bays and even degrease engines.

Simple Green  cleansers

Everything's gonna be all right!

Simple Green In keeping with the theme of personal involvement and giving back, The EGBAR Foundation was established in 1989 by Bruce FaBrizio, founder of Sunshine Makers to carry their message of environmental responsibility and solutions to the community and children. This nonprofit organization fosters environmental education through The Sea Lab, a program of the Los Angeles Conservation Corps, and the Catalina Island Conservancy that helps preserve the unique California island and its habitat for native inhabitants.

Companies have become the hub of social interaction for many people and programs like the Eco-Challenge provide a convenient way to distribute information, encourage action with peer-support, and provide some recognition for positive successes.

Simple Green – USA
World Headquarters
15922 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Huntington Harbour, CA 92649
562-795-6000 -- 800-228-0709

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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