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SoCal Aquifers

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California refills and protects aquifers from pollution and depletion

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wrd Get to know your local aquifers...

The Water Replenishment District of Southern California refills and protects 10 aquifers stretching from the cities of Manhattan to Whittier and Los Angeles to Long Beach. The aquifers store drinking water and are more than a quarter of a mile deep.

WRD is currently embarking on its W.I.N. initiative (Water Independence Network) that includes natural groundwater storage programs, education partnerships, and ramped-up conservation efforts with other agencies to eliminate dependence on water from Northern California and the Colorado River.

wrd West Basin recently completed the fourth expansion of its Water Recycling Facility, which will allow the District to produce an additional 15 million gallons of recycled water daily, much of which will be used in the seawater barrier, replenishing the groundwater basin that the Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) manages. Since the expansion was completed, WRD increased the use of recycled water in the barrier from 50% to 75%, saving money and conserving water.

"West Basin's recycled water has provided immense value to the region," WRD Board President Albert Robles said. "Our partnership with West Basin allows us to conserve our region’s water and energy supply by using less water imported from Northern California."


Watershed Education and Stewardship Program

The "It All Flows To Me" water stewardship program was initiated to protect vital regional aquifers. The program focuses on storm and dry season factors such as pollution and public awareness that affect the condition of the groundwater basin to its detriment or benefit.

Reducing the amount of outdoor contaminants that reach storm drains such as pesticides, animal waste, motor oil, and other chemicals, would make it possible to recover and store dramatically more run-off underground. This is important because nature provides the least expensive, natural reservoir for fresh water -- our natural aquifers.

One of the best and most inexpensive ways to reduce pollution in our watersheds is to reduce the amount of water used in business, residences, gardens and landscaping for both residents and businesses.

  • Proper disposal of medications
  • Replace inefficient appliances (for conservation)
  • Pick up animal waste (it can contaminate the water supply)
  • Stormwater runoff threatens our sources of drinking water. As it washes over roofs, pavement, farms and grassy areas, it picks up fertilizers, pesticides and litter, and deposits them in surface water and groundwater.
  • Reduce paved areas; use permeable surfaces
  • Reduce or eliminate pesticide application by planting California friendly and/or native plants
  • Reduce the amount of trash you create by reusing and recycling
  • Recycle used oil by disposing of it at a service station or recycling center
  • Keep pollutants away from boat marinas. Boats release solvents, gasoline, detergents and raw sewage directly into our lakes, rivers and streams. Keep boat motors well-tuned to prevent leaks, select nontoxic cleaning products, clean and maintain boats away from the water


Water Replenishment District
4040 Paramount Boulevard
Lakewood, CA, 90712
Phone: (562) 921-5521
Fax: (562) 921-6101

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