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CarbonFree™ Certified Product label for life-cycle neutral carbon footprint

CarbonFree™ Certified Product label for life-cycle neutral carbon footprint and sustainable business

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The CarbonFree(TM) label is designed to allow companies to promote their products as being climate neutral by reducing and offsetting the life-cycle carbon footprint associated with the production, shipping, operation and disposal.

Launch partners for the CarbonFree(TM) Certified Product Label include Yakima, EcoFuture, Tropical Trading Partners and Monarch Beverage., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, will administer the program, which consists of four steps:

  • having a life-cycle analysis of the product;
  • registering the product;
  • offsetting the emissions quarterly based on actual unit sales of each certified product with;
  • annually reviewing the product’s footprint and reporting on measures the company has taken to reduce the climate impact of producing the product.

CarbonFree(TM) Product Certification Protocol

Key to the program is the development of a product life-cycle analysis protocol that meets strict international standards. The protocol was developed by the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, a preeminent climate change consultancy based in the United Kingdom. The protocol will track the emissions a product is responsible for including the mining of the materials, shipping, production, operational use and disposal. The protocol can be viewed at The protocol has been updated since its first version, which analyzed product energy consumption and emissions directly at the point of manufacture. is working with several leading environmental consulting firms to develop a network of providers capable of providing the product life-cycle analysis in accordance with the protocol. is establishing a Technical Advisory Group to provide ongoing review and support of the protocol, both the scientific and implementation. The TAG is chaired by Dr. H. Scott Matthews, Research Director of the Green Design Institute of the Carnegie Mellon University and recent recipient of the prestigious Laudis Award.

This protocol is designed to encourage businesses to examine their greenhouse gas impacts on a product lifecycle basis.

Carbon Offsets

On a quarterly basis, companies will report the actual sales data of each CarbonFree™ Product and will offset the CO2 emissions with supports carbon offset projects globally, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation that meet internationally accepted protocols and standards.

Carbon offsets are a means of reducing CO2 emissions in one place to offset their use in another like your home, office or manufacturing facility. Carbon offsets are supporting the development of clean technology, increasing demand for climate-friendly products while decreasing demand for dirty energy, and helping to drive down the cost of clean energy.'s goal is to transform the market by making clean technology more cost effective than dirty technology.

About provides climate change solutions for individuals and businesses. educates the public about the dangers of climate change and makes it simple and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce and offset their climate impact. is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization reducing the threat of climate change by promoting cost-effective carbon reductions and supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally that reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions. works with over 200 corporate and non-profit partners including Dell, Lancôme, Orbitz, Calvert Group, Yakima, Working Assets, National Wildlife Federation, and Environmental Defense.


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