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On-Road New Vehicle & Engine Certification Program

On-Road New Vehicle & Engine Certification Program

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On-Road New Vehicle & Engine Certification Program

The On-Road Certification/Audit Section is responsible for the certification and production audit of new passenger cars (PC), light-duty trucks (LDT), medium-duty vehicles (MDV), heavy-duty engines (HDE) and vehicles (HDV) including urban buses (UB), on- and off-road motorcycles (ONMC and OFMC), all-terrain vehicles (ATV), and electric golf carts (eGC). Vehicles and engines (hereinafter, vehicles) are not legal for sale in California until certified.

To be certified, a vehicle must demonstrate that its exhaust and (as applicable, depending on the specific vehicle category) evaporative emission control systems are durable and comply with the emission standards for the vehicle's useful life. This is done through durability and certification testing of the prototype certification vehicle(s). Compliance with on-board diagnostics, anti-tampering, fuel tank fill-pipe and openings, crankcase emissions, etc., as applicable, must be demonstrated also. An application for certification must be submitted to, and approved by, the Air Resources Board (ARB) (and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) concurrently).

Certification is granted only to the manufacturer of the vehicles who controls the vehicle specifications to ensure compliance by all production vehicles. Certification can be granted to an importer only if the importer demonstrates that it has control of the vehicle specifications. As an example, this demonstration can be effected by a contractual agreement between the vehicle manufacturer and importer giving the importer the sole authority to approve any changes to the production vehicles in the certified engine/evaporative family. Importers lacking this vehicle specifications control are subject to the direct-import (a.k.a. grey-market) vehicle certification. AQMD A Department of the California Environmental Protection Agency AQMD Certification

Business Assistance:

Air Resources Board, Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will help you reach the correct permitting assistance provider. -- (916) 323-6791

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