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Green Seal Product Certification

Green Seal provides product certifications for environmental responsibility

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Green Seal provides science-based environmental certification standards that are credible, transparent, and essential in an increasingly educated and competitive marketplace. Green Seal focuses exclusively on environmentally preferable products, purchasing, and operations.Green Seal meets the EPA's Criteria for Third Party Certifiers, the requirements of ISO 14020 and 14024, and the standards of the Global Ecolabeling Network.

Green Seal is the U.S. member of this international harmonizing body of 26 of the world's leading ecolabeling programs including Germany's Blue Angel and the Nordic Swan. Green Seal is an independent, science-based, nonprofit organization, assuring the authority and objectivity of its recommendations. Green Seal's mission is to encourage and assist individuals and corporations in protecting the environment by identifying those products that are less harmful to the planet than other similar products.

Certifies lodging properties that meet the Green Seal environmental standard, GS-33; Certifies governments that meet the Green Seal environmental standard, Green Seal's consensus standards are required by law to be used by Federal agencies instead of government-developed standards. In addition, Federal policies encourage the use of other Green Seal standards. Many State and local governments are beginning to put in place environmentally preferable purchasing programs as well, some with statutory or executive mandates.

An online database of approved products is available online at the GreenSeal website

Green Seal certification standards continue to be developed. At publication time, the following categories had been established:

  • Alternative Fueled Vehicles (GC-02)
  • Anti-Corrosive Paints (GC-03)
  • Cleaning Services (GS-42)
  • Coated Printing Paper (GS-10)
  • Commercial Adhesives (GS-36)
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (GS-05)
  • Degreasers (GS-34)
  • Electric Chillers (GS-31)
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance (GC-10)
  • Food Service Packaging (GS-35)
  • Green Procurement Criteria (GS-38)
  • Green Facilities Operation and Maintenance Criteria (GS-39)
  • Household Cleaners (GS-08)
  • Industrial & Institutional Cleaners (GS-37)
  • Industrial & Institutional Floor-Care Products (GS-40)
  • Industrial & Institutional Hand Cleaners (GS-41)
  • Lodging Properties (GS-33)
  • Newsprint (GS-15)
  • Occupancy Sensors (GC-12)
  • Paints (GS-11)
  • Paper Products Used in the Preparation of Food (GC-08)
  • Paper Towels and Paper Napkins (GS-09)
  • Photovoltaic Modules (GS-32)
  • Powdered Laundry Bleach (GC-11)
  • Printing and Writing Paper (GS-07)
  • Recycled Content Latex Paint Standard (GS-43)
  • Re-Refined Engine Oil (GS-03)
  • Residential Central Air Conditioning Systems (GC-09)
  • Residential Central Air-Source Heat Pumps (GC-15)
  • Reusable Utility Bags (GS- 16)
  • Split-Ductless Air-Source Heat Pumps (GC-13)
  • Tissue Paper (GS-01)
  • Watering Hoses (GC-01)
  • Windows (GS-13)
  • Window Films (GS-14)

Green Seal
1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 827
Washington, DC 20036-5525
Phone: 202-872-6400
Fax: 202-872-4324

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