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Home and Business Owners Create Forestry Investments

Trees for Children is replanting the trees used in the construction of homes and businesses as part of its education programs

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Trees Teach People Restoration

Trees for Children is replanting the trees used in the construction of homes and businesses as part of its education programs with youth and adults. Through hands-on forestry investment in restoration projects, they teach people how to take responsibility for the planet by creating and caretaking forests that sequester excess carbon that contributes to global warming.

Carbon Finance

Our buildings are the single largest carbon contributor to the global climate crisis yet this understanding often takes the backseat to people's perception that vehicles are to blame. People nationwide are taking steps to counter their contribution to the climate crisis by taking responsibility for the buildings they dwell within.

The average new home requires 13,837 board feet of lumber, according to the National Association of Home Builders, and that's more than 90 trees on average.

Has your home or business been replanted? Trees for Children, a non-profit project, offers this unique and viable solution for people to take responsibility for the buildings that house their families and their livelihood.

Trees for Children - Urban Forestry Investment Program

Trees for Children is a unique tree planting program that occurs year round and is a vital part of a forest restoration demonstration and research program. They use natural water harvesting techniques, mixed species tree plantings, weather windows, and tree protection strategies to help ensure healthy growth of the forests they plant. They help to create permanent and diverse forest systems that bind carbon, build soil, slow water and wind created erosion, produce oxygen, and provide important habitat for native flora and fauna. All of this in an effort to bring balance to the climate both locally and globally.

If you would like to consider having your home or business replanted, and receive a certificate that shares, "My Home/Business Has Been Replanted" please visit the Trees for Children website at to take responsibility for the buildings we dwell within.

Together with our children, we can combat global warming as we Plant Forests for Life...

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