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Business Saves Money and Energy with SoCal Edison Programs

Save energy (and more) using incentive and energy management tools found online

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california precipitation landscape and solar solutions Southern California Edison offers Business Incentives and Services for rebates and incentive programs.

If you could save $1000 a year...would it be worth a few minutes to learn more?

Southern California Edison has put a very helpful interactive toolkit online for you to identify ways to save energy...and estimated cost savings. Of course, you could save much more than money!

The "What's in it for me?" gives you personalized results. For example:

Indicate your building's configuration and whether your energy comes from elecricity, gas, propane or oil...and include such factors as: Number of floors, age of building, whether your heating, cooling, water heating, refrigeration, cooking, laundry, interior lighting and exterior lighting...and how many hours you operate.

The resulting personalized report is tailored to your specific building. I put in a fictitious 2000 sq. ft. building and the report came back with Estimated Annual Savings of:

Water heating: install a heat pump water heater: Save $900-1400
Water heating: Lower the temperature setting: save $280-420 (no/low cost)
Lighting: T-8 Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting: save $270-410 (rebates are available)
Lighting: Install compact fluorescent lamps: save $250-370 (rebates available)
Water heating: install time clock controller: save $190-280 (No/low cost)
And if you want to go a bit further to check on your energy efficiency, SoCal Edison's additional online tools include:
  • Benchmark: How does your energy use compare to similar businesses?
  • My Project Plan: Review and track the projects of interest that you've checked-off.
  • Summer Discount Plan
  • Rebates and Savings
  • Business Incentives and Services for rebates and incentives
  • EnergyManager Suite that lets you access your energy usage any time
  • Energy Center classes
  • and Case Studies to help you learn more
These programs are paid for by California ratepayers and administered by SCE under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. So check them'll save more than money. You can save hassle, employee health, environmental quality...and make your business more competitive in your industry.

SOURCE: Southern California Edison

Small & Medium Business "Express Efficiency Program"

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