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Trucking & Logistics for Efficiency, Fuel Savings, and Air Quality

SECTION - Green Transportation, Fuel Saving Trucking and Logistics transportation articles

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Trucking and Logistics for Goods Movement

Volvo Trucks Develop Safety and Emissions Innovations

Green Logistics & Sourcing Solutions Directory

Diesel Truck Idling Restriction Grace Period Over - October 2008

CARB Cleared by EPA to Strengthen Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) for Trucks

Trucking APS with Advanced Lithium (LI) Battery Modeules

Diesel Truck and Bus Emissions Upfit Changes Proposed by California ARB Draft Reg

Cummins Receives Conditional Certification for Diesel Auxiliary Power System (APS)

Green logistics for 30% carbon footprint reduction

Gen-A-Sys Battery Powered APU Cuts Idling & Provides Driver Comfort

Diesel Linked to Truckers' Death Rates

US Trucks Travel 91 Billion Miles as Part of $312 Billion Industry

Grant for Early Adopters of Truck Particulate Filters

Shorter Truck Idling Regulations Sweep the US

EPA demonstrates hydraulic hybrid UPS delivery vehicle

Technology and alternative fuels are changing fleet management to meet new laws

California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET)

Truck Emissions Fines Include Education Requirements with CCDET

UPS Expands

Green Transportation and Shipping for Natural Products Market Niches

Green Your Business Transportation Carbon Footprint

Meet No Idle Emissions Regulations When Loading/Unloading Trucks By Using Air-Powered Truck Bed by Up-N-Atom

On-Road Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Public and Utility Fleets - New Rules 9-07

Big Rig Truck's Fuel Strategy to Reduce Cost and Emissions


APUs Struggle to Meet CARB Standards for 2008

Diesel Truck Idling Solutions & Strategies

Truckers and Hollywood Starlets :-)

NAFTA Trucking Access to US is Disputed by Teamsters and Sierra club

GREENTRUCK by American Trucking Assoc.

BestMatch Minimizes Empty Miles by Truck Load Optimization

Border Shipping Faces BIG Changes in Mexican Trucking

Resources for Women in Trucking and Logistics

Wages and Working Conditions of Truck Drivers at the Port of Long Beach-Research Report

Becoming a Truck Driver

Trucks Plug in at Loading Docks Using Thermo King

Greening A Trucker's Hours of Service

A Trucker's Green Transportation Solution List

Minimize Truck Stops-and-Starts at Intersections

Fleet Management Solutions deploys Satellite Data Links for a Tracking, Monitorin and Remote Management System

Support for Transportation - CEERT

SmartWay Transport Partners in California


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