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Online Tools for Calculating Statistical Analysis

Need to calculate and gather green statistics? Here are some helpful tools

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Not everyone uses statistics in their daily work. But when we need to research and analyze solutions, a few great calculations can make a world of green difference.

This website offers a wide variety of assists for the novice and the expert. It's all on one site!

Table of Contents for STATPAGES...

  • A great link to explore first: Selecting the right kind of analysis
  • "Online Software" Package websites
  • Calculators, plotters, function integrators, and interactive programming environments
  • Probability distribution functions: tables, graphs, random number generators
  • Descriptive statistics, histograms, charts
  • Confidence intervals, single-population tests
  • Sample comparisons: t-tests, ANOVAs, non-parametric comparisons
  • Contingency tables, cross-tabs, Chi-Square tests
  • Regression, correlation, least squares curve-fitting, non-parametric correlation
  • Analysis of survival data
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Other statistical tests and analyses
  • Specialized and discipline-specific tests and analyses
  • Power, sample size and experimental design

    ...and there's more. Let these generous thinkers know you appreciate their sharing these helpful tookchests.


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