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Sony Cuts Power Consumption, But Increases Scale

Sony presents their annual Corporate Sustainability Report for 2006

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Sony Cuts Power Consumption in 90 Percent of its Products

BERLIN, Aug. 10, 2007 -- Sony’s greenhouse gas emissions grew about 17 percent in fiscal 2006 over the year before due to a change in the definition of greenhouse gas index and the increase in the size and sale of its LCD televisions. At the same time, emissions from its sites dropped 7 percent.

Sony lowered the power consumption of nearly all of its products in fiscal 2006, the electronics maker highlighted in its Corporate Responsibility Report issued last week.

Sony, like many global companies, has set a series of goals to address environmental concerns such as climate change and energy efficiency. The new Sony CSR report offers a progress report on these goals, as well as others relating to China, supply chain management and innovation.

"Sony is committed to continually developing new innovations and technologies that will further improve the energy efficiency and minimize the environmental impact of our products," said Serge Foucher, Executive Vice President Sony Europe, in a statement Thursday. "We are proud that our efforts are awarded by renowned European organizations and that we work with strong international partners to promote energy efficiency and environmental awareness."

He refers to the Sustainable Energy Europe Award the company received in February from the European Commission because of its voluntary efforts to improve energy efficiency in its products.

The company lowered the power consumption in 90 percent all of its products in fiscal 2006.

That includes all of its major television models sold in Japan, which earned a five-star rating in the country's Energy-Saving Rating Program. Almost all personal computers there met the government's energy efficiency requirements.

All Sony BRAVIA liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions sold in Europe consume less than 1-watt in standby mode, with most models consuming less than .3 watts. All DVD players use less than .1 watts in standby mode.

The Walkman S series NW-S706F consumes 25 percent less energy than previous models through its "Stamina" engineering that allows for up to 50 hours continuous playback.

A white LED backlight on some of its VAIO personal computers saves energy while its Advanced VAIO Power Management function allows users to temporarily shut off various devices to resuce energy consumption.

Sony's High Definition Handycam HDR-HC# camcorder uses 45 percent less power than an larger, earlier model due to its CMOS sensor technology. Its home audio range offers a standby feature that uses .3 watts and can top 85 percent power efficiency of the amplifier block when used with the full digital S-Master amplifier.

For more comprehensive information on Sony's CSR activities please see:

Full Sony Press Release

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