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August CGS Newsletter

August 2007 California Green Solutions Newsletter focusing on Transportation...with lengthy list of new articles.

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California Green Solutions Newsletter

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AUGUST, 2007

Welcome...California Green Solutions is your regional source for green business solutions.
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California trucks and off road fuel reduction and   emissions reduction

Etorus Fuel Consumption Reduction for Heavy Diesel Users

Etorus is a provider of business solutions for environmental and energy issues. This California company provides products and financial programs to reduce diesel fuel consumption, improve fuel emissions, and enhance fuel and fleet management. Not only does Etorus' system save fuel and emissions -- but they provide a safer work environment and that translates into better bottom-line results. [Read the story]

A Trucker's Green Transportation Solution List

long haul reefer truck Perry Litchfield is an experienced refrigerated long-haul driver who also has been a mechanic and automotive enthusiast for most of his life. He makes the following observations about how to improve trucking and the environment with cost-saving strategies. [Read the story]


This month's articles center on transportation -- one of the two greatest challenges facing our communities. An industry spokesman made an offhand comment to me this week that "transportation has replaced manufacturing" in America's businessscape. That does seem to be the case -- and just as the smokestacks of early industrialization required discipline to reclaim quality of too do the smokestacks and tailpipes of today require serious action to restore clean air and health for our children and communities. I hope you will join me in doing something ... you choose what ... but do something this week to make California a greener state.

Survival Strategy for Your Family [Read the story]

Why is green important? I spoke with a group of youth leaders with "Green Ambassadors" recently and my message centered around the changes that are happening in the media -- and how our expectations of scale and scope are being transformed.

Transportation Briefing Focuses on Fuels & Funding

California Green Solutions orchestrated the Green Fleet Management Seminar on July 31 as a half-day management briefing for company owners, managers and executives to explore opportunities in the transportation revolution that is happening in Southern California. Technologies that can affect operating margins and competitiveness were coupled with practical solutions that have been tried and proven by your expert panelists.

The green business case" covered case studies of how organizations have implemented alternative fuel and vehicle programs, finance, compliance and trends in technology adoption, and how to improve fleet performance with driver safety and truck upfits.

OUR GREEN SPEAKERS included Rick Sikes - City of Santa Monica for green transportation case study; Dean Saito - South Coast AQMD for compliance and incentives; Susan Romeo with WestStart-CALSTART with current trends; Kathy Dasal with Orange Commercial Credit for creative financing; and Richard Leimbach with California Truck Association for fleet safety and management strategies. Following the business case we explored the options available for fuel and vehicles: natural gas vehicles and infrastructure for fleets; electric street-ready fleet vehicles; Biodiesel fleet solutions; Aerodynamics and other truck upfit solutions. Moderated by Russell Sydney from the Sustainable Transport Club, our speakers included Michael Bolin with The Gas Company's Alternative Fuel divisionwho presented case studies and savings available with CNG; Joe Gershan with Tellurian Biodiesel who spoke about biodiesel; and Pete Barsky of Electric Car Company of Long Beach who stepped in and shared practical tips about electric vehicles.

Exhibitors brought a variety of alternative fuel vehicles for examination, and provided one to one information at their exhibits. We hope you will check out their websites because each exhibitor has emissions and fuel saving strategies that you can apply at your business. alternative transportation for light vehicles cars trucks


Up-N-Atom's transport truck bed to transport medium- to heavy-weight construction equipment, most notably roll backs and truck trailers can most often return its purchase price in less than one year due to lack of hydraulic components.

Park Product Management, Inc.
Cleanable and reusable heavy duty vehicle air filters that can dynamically reduce your operating costs.

Clean Energy
Clean energy is the largest provider of natural gas for transportation in North America with applications in refuse, transit, shuttle, taxi, plice, intrastate and interstate trucking, airports and municipal fleet markets.

Environmental Motors
EnVironmental Motors (EVM) is based in Glendale, and sells a broad selection of EnVironmentally friendly ultra-high efficiency and 100% Electric automobiles, scooters, personal transporters and all terrain vehicles.

Simple Green
A SoCal tradition, Simple Green is the original green cleanser! Their wide range of cleaning products are used for home carpets to cleaning up oil spills! They are concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-abrasive, non-flammable, and economical.

Southern California Gas Company
Southern California Gas Company is a champion of energy conservation with a wide variety of alternative applications for fleets, commercial kitchens...and industrial applications. They provide the Energy Resource Center, where our seminar was held, and have a test kitchen to die for! They also provide a wide range of rebates for energy conservation equipment purchases and upgrades.

American Honda
American Honda has an amazing history with alternative fuels and fuel conservation. And...The EPA has recognized the natural-gas Civic GX as the cleanest internal-combustion vehicle on Earth.

Electric Car Company of Long Beach
The Electric Car Company of Long Beach continues to develop EV solutions that meet the needs of local businesses, municipalities and universities and have plans for some very innovative custom vehicles on the drawing board.

If you would like to sponsor a green solutions-packed seminar for your region or industry niche, call Carolyn Allen . We will help you put together a customized seminar/expo solution to meet your business and community needs.



Free Online Water Use Tool for Companies [Read the story]

WATER! It's Serious -- Drought in SoCal [Read the story]


Low Carbon Fuel Standard Report - 2007 [Read the story]

Nine Markets for Alternative Fuel Vehicles [Read the story]

Off-Road Vehicles in California [Read the story]

Marketing Electric NEVs for Community Transportation [Read the story]

Off-Road Portable Equipment Compliance Resources [Read the story]

California's first plug-in hybrid school bus [Read the story]


Companies Apply for Energy Star, Prepare Best Practices [Read the story]

The CEO & The Energy-Efficient Supply Chain [Read the story]

The thin-film photovoltaics (TFPV) market is forecast to grow 7x by 2015 [Read the story]

Printed and Organic Lighting Delivers Energy Efficiency and Novel Designs [Read the story]


Urban Infrastructure Waste Potential is Outdated [Read the story]

Flip This Green House [Read the story]

Obesity in Women Grows -- Think Food Systems! [Read the story]


Online Tools for Calculating Statistical Analysis [Read the story]

Effective Knowledge-Based Sourcing Fosters Collaborative Savings [Read the story]


Sony Cuts Power Consumption, But Increases Scale [Read the story]

Green Supply Chain Procurement Study Results [Read the story]

Green Jobs and Green Workforce Training [Read the story]

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