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California Green Chemistry Initiative - 2007 Risk Management Strategy

Green chemistry affects health and sustainability of our natural Resources. California is undertaking a major campaign to understand and affect chemicals in the state.

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The California Green Chemistry Initiative: Opportunities for Stakeholder Participation

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) leads the California Green Chemistry Initiative.

UPDATES to the Green Chemistry Initiative Pollicies and Programs: Green Chemistry Initiative

DTSC leads Cal/EPA's boards and departments to fundamentally change how government and business work together to deal with waste before it is generated. This new approach is similar to measures adopted by the European Union and the Canadian government to encourage greater manufacturer responsibility.

The Green Chemistry Initiative will provide recommendations for developing a consistent means for evaluating risk, reducing exposure, encouraging less-toxic industrial processes, and identifying safer, non-chemical alternatives. Most importantly, the Green Chemistry Initiative will ensure a comprehensive and collaborative approach that will increase accountability and effectiveness of environmental programs across state government.

The Green Chemistry Initiative

The programs that make up the Green Chemistry Initiative team are currently compiling a viable list of strategies to advance Green Chemistry in California, and will be submitting them to Cal/EPA.

There is a tremendous amount of work ahead, and DTSC has created an array of opportunities to facilitate creative and constructive public participation process in this effort. The current opportunities to participate include:

Periodic Symposia and Stakeholder meetings:

Agenda, presentation slides and videos of the first two Green Chemistry Symposia are available on the Green Chemistry Initiative website; the first public stakeholder meeting was held on June 27th at the Cal/EPA building in Sacramento. Other symposia and stakeholder meetings are planned, and will be announced on the Green Chemistry Initiative Website and on the listserv described below. The meetings will be webcast for those unable to attend in person.

*A Conversation with California* Journal/Blog space:

A Conversation with California gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and see what others think about Green Chemistry topics. Visit the invitation site and see!

Green Chemistry Initiative Listserv:

This listserv is dedicated to distributing current news and events related to the Green Chemistry Initiative. Subscribe at: If you are on an office Local Area Network that has strong spam filtering, you may need to notify your Information Technology staff that you have subscribed. But if you subscribed to this listserv without problems, then you'll likely have no problems with Green Chemistry!

Visit Green Chemistry Initiative for the most current program features and offerings, and DTSC invites you to contribute to the development of a comprehensive chemical policy and long-term environmental protection for California.

If you have any questions please contact Green Chemistry Program staff at Comments and suggestions should be posted to the Conversation with California Journal/Blog.

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