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UC Davis InnovationAccess Patents and Licensing for Business

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The University of California has received more patents than any other university in the world.

Royalty and fee income in FY06 was $193.5 million from 1,408 inventions. Income from the top five commercialized UC inventions (i.e. inventions that had reached the marketplace and were generating earned royalties) contributed $43.3 million in FY06, accounting for 46.3% of total royalty and fee income (Exhibit 14).

Under current policy, inventors receive 35% of net invention income.

UC Davis InnovationAccess is responsible for licensing UC Davis's technology to the private sector, to enable commercialization of UC Davis's inventions and return The doe laboratory-managed Portfolios the research to the public for the public's benefit.

Some statistics of interest:

  • Total Active US Patents: 391
  • Total Active Foreign Patents: 497
  • Utility Licenses: 16
  • Plant Licenses: 74
  • Material Transfers: 482

Faculty and staff disclosed 1,308 new inventions during the year, approximately the same number as FY05, which resulted in UC maintaining an overall portfolio of over 7500 active inventions at year end. In addition, 270 new US patents and 586 foreign patents were added to the University’s patent portfolio, resulting in 14% and 9% increases respectively.

Acquiring adequate patent coverage for all aspects of a new technology may require more than one patent filing for a given invention. Such secondary filings frequently lead to the issuance of multiple patents related to a single initial invention. Several years typically elapse between the time a patent is filed and the date of issuance. Provisional patent filings counted for 91% of the first filings in FY06. This percentage has shifted gradually but significantly higher over time, from 74% five years ago, and 40% ten years ago.

The continued increase of foreign patents and a decrease from the previous year of US patents led to the number of foreign patents surpassing the total number of US patents for the first time. 2006 was also the 12th consecutive year that the US Patent and Trademark Office named the University of California as the leader among the nation’s universities in developing new patents.

Inventions in life science disciplines including medicine and biotechnology accounted for approximately 50% of the new inventions, while those from the physical sciences and engineering accounted for most of the balance. This distribution represents a significant shift from the 70% of life science inventions that has been the historical average.

A license agreement grants a licensee access to a University invention in exchange for the licensee’s commitment to further develop and commercialize the invention. Utility licenses generally cover useful processes, machines, manufactured items, or compositions of matter protected by utility patents.

  • Approximately 50% of utility patents are licensed exclusively to a single company for a defined use.
  • Plant licenses cover sexually and asexually reproduced plant varieties and most are licensed non-exclusively to multiple growers and distributors worldwide.

Total licensing revenue, the income the University receives from its technolgy transfer agreements with industry, was $210 million in FY06 (Exhibit 12). There are several components of total licensing revenue: agreement issue fees, maintenance fees, and other “milestone” payments are received on specific dates or at specific points in the product development process. These payments encourage companies to diligently pursue product commercialization.

UC Davis' Tecnology Transfer annual report includes information for all their locations, including: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Diego, San Francisco, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos

OTT sponsored two systemwide technology transfer forums focusing on Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease, and for the second year, led UC’s representation at the annual International Biotechnology Industry Organization meeting that was held in Chicago. UC Irvine, along with the Orange County Technology Action Network (OCTANe) hosted a workshop on “Doing business with UC’s Southern California campuses” in which the UCI, UCLA, UCSD, UCR and UCSB described their campus profiles and highlighted ways to work successfully with them.

The DOE Laboratory-managed Portfolios

Since 1988, technology transfer for the DOE Laboratories has been under the purview of Laboratorybased offices at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The licensing function is managed within the context of larger departments responsible for fostering a variety of partnerships with industry: LANL’s Industrial Business Development Program Office, LBNL’s Technology Transfer Office, and LLNL’s Industrial Partnerships and Commercialization Office. In addition to patent licensing, these offices direct substantial resources toward the licensing of software and the negotiation of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), technical assistance and other agreements with industry. Although these DOE Laboratory offices manage most Laboratory inventions, OTT oversees a small portfolio of 52 Laboratory inventions.

In FY06, DOE Laboratory researchers disclosed 380 inventions and filed a total of 264 patent applications. 131 US patents issued on DOE Laboratory inventions. The Laboratories completed 63 new options and licenses for patentable inventions and tangible research products (TRPs) in FY06.


UC technology transfer on the web

UC Office of the President: Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)

UC berkeley: Intellectual Property & Industry Alliances (IPIRA)

UC Davis: UC Davis InnovationAccess

UC Irvine: Office of Technology Alliances (OTA)

UC Los Angeles: Office of Intellectual Property Administration (OIPA)

UC Merced: Office of Technology Transfer (OTT)

UC Riverside: Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)

UC Santa barbara: Office of Technology & Industry Alliances (TIA)

UC Santa Cruz: Office of Sponsored Projects

UC San Diego: Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Services (TechTIPS)

UC San Francisco: Office of Technology Management (OTM)

Los Alamos National Laboratory: Industrial business Development Program Office

Lawrence berkeley National Laboratory: Technology Transfer Office

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Industrial Partnerships and Commercialization Office (IP and C)

Industry-University Cooperative Research Program (IUCRP)

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