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Carbon Trust Identifies Footprint of Competing Products

Energy and carbon emissions can be reduced and tracked using carbon trust strategy

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Carbon Trust and Fairtrade Labels Measure Carbon Footprint of Products

In the UK, The Carbon Trust is launching a green equivalent to the Fairtrade label - a consumer label which details the carbon footprint of a product and a commitment by its producer to reduce it.

The Carbon Trust enables companies to identify the footprint of competing products.

Organizations of all sizes can cut their energy bills and carbon emissions with practical advice, free publications, interest-free loans, and on-site surveys.

Many companies can save up to 10% through housekeeping actions which cost little or nothing. The Low Carbon Culture Company was founded on the basis that though many employees know about climate change, and about some of the changes they could make to save carbon, more work is needed to get them to make those changes consistently. Research found that over three-quarters of UK employees want to help their employer cut carbon emissions.

However, The Low Carbon Culture Company is about more than just telling people to turn their computers off at night. We combine the experience of the Carbon Trust in understanding emissions, with proven techniques for creating lasting change in behaviours. Our work inspires and enables individuals to take action, as well as changing company’s processes, structures and decision-making criteria to reduce carbon emissions.

The Low Carbon Culture Company brings benefits to companies which include:

  • Carbon reductions: sustainably lower carbon emissions
  • Credibility: taking real action builds green credibility – which is increasingly important for customers, investors and other stakeholders
  • Committed workforce: staff are more committed to employers which are addressing climate change, and new recruits more attracted to them
  • Cost savings: reduced bills for energy, waste management, travel

Typically, The Carbon trust ...

  • Establishes the current performance baseline,
  • Determines the opportunities to reduce carbon
  • Builds the case for change around the root causes
  • Designs and delivers a customized change management program to engage employees and embed change.
  • Tracks performance to maintain momentum,
  • Adjusts the program as necessary.

    Carbon Trust is located in the UK.

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