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Mary Nichols Explains CARB Strategy fo 2007-08

Mary Nichols, CARB projections for California trucking industry 2007 and beyond

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Interview with Mary Nichols, CARB by OOIDA August 30, 2007

The CARB strategy: for the past 30 years or so the Air Resources Board has been very successful at reducing the amounts of air pollution that harm human health in the air. They’ve done so by continually anticipating and pushing for the cleanest kinds of technologies that were out there.

"...we’re going to have to make major changes that will involve pushing the envelope of energy efficiency everywhere. For a state that has the size, the diversity of economy, the diversity of population, the mix of agriculture and manufacturing, and knowledge industries and high-tech – we definitely are the place that if you can do it here, you can do it anywhere.


Should truckers expect to continue to see new stringent and restrictive rules come into play, or are drivers seeing a tough time right now that you’re hoping the industry can get through before leveling out?

Nichols: “As an official in a government regulatory agency, I don’t think it’s good policy to be continually going back to the same industry and changing the requirements all the time.

"We try to work on a set of rules that will deal with one particular industry or one particular category of emissions in a comprehensive way and then do something that will stay in effect for at least five or seven years so that people have the chance to absorb what the new requirements are, figure out the most cost-effective ways to comply with the rule.

"Hopefully, if they’ve had to spend a substantial amount of money they have a chance to recoup the cost they’ve put into it before we go back and say we’ve got some new regulations we want to put on you.

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