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Green Toolkits

Online tools, checklists, surveys, and interactive tools to green business operations, facilities and transportation.

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Tools and Checklists to
Green Your Facilities, Operations and Transportation

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Steps to starting a business that can be eventually sold at a profit

Fuel & Vehicle Selector Tools


Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for Business by EPA

Life Cycle Analysis for Toxic and Green Chemistry

Business Guide to US EPA Climate Partnership Programs

EPA Licenses Simulations Plus' ADMET Predictor Software to Identify Chemical Hazards

Impaired Waters and Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) Resources Website

California's Statewide Online Database of Green Buildings

Google Earth Outreach Provides Armchair Travel & Learning

EPA Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)

NRDC Green Business "Greening Advisor"

Freshwater Ecoregions of the World is Interactive Database of Species and Ecosystems for Conservation

Monitor State Water Quality with ATTAINS from EPA

GSFLOW Model Simulates Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions

IWRIS - Water Resources Data Management System

Your PC Can Save CO2 by Reducing Electricity With Free Tool

Yahoo's Green Portal and Green Challenge - Don't You Love It When a Plan Comes Rogether!

Sustainable Building Guidelines for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Community Action Guide to Reconnect Children to Nature

Water Footprint Calculator

Tips for Selecting, Buying and Reducing Paper

Media Kit for Recycling Bottles & Cans - CRV: CA Refund Value

OC Green Guide is a complete guide to living green in Orange County

Green Funds Like Virgin Money are Sprouting Tools for Investors

Google Transit Helps Tourists and Commuters Plan Mass Transit

IPM Calendar for Almond Pest Management

TARP - The Technology Acceptance and Reciprocity Partnership for Stormwater Management Innovation

Toxic Release Inventory - State Database by EPA

LexisNexis Environmental Law & Climate Change Center is Online

Pharos Project for Rating Green Building Materials and How They Relate to Environmental Health and Justice

Carbon Accounting Tool to Monitor and Manage Ecological and Carbon Footprint

They'll Change Your Lightbulbs for Free in Pacific Palisades

EPA Water Quality Trading Toolkit for Permit Writers

Models to Assess Wetland Health

Life-Cycle Inventory and Eco-Calculator for Building Materials

Carbon Calculator from Berkeley

HERS Home Energy Rating System Index

Bulk Purchase of Energy Star Equipment and Supplies With Energy Star Quantity Quotes

Food Service Life-Cycle and Energy Cost Calculators

How To Buy Green Power from Your Local Electric Utility

Climate Wise-Energy Star Alliance in San Diego

Potential for Renewable Energy in the San Diego Region

Toolkit to Conduct Farm Research for Crops and Marketing

Sustainable Green Building Tool Kit - CIWMB

ToolBase Home Building Resources Database

G3 GRI Sustainability Reporting Online Toolkit

Air Quality - ARB Modeling Tools

California Environmental Quality Control Act (CEQA) Toolbox

Guides to Preventing Waste in the Workplace

CoolFleets Cost and Emissions Calculator for Green Transportation

Emission Calculators for Driving, Flying and Events

Carbon Bank USA Offsets CO2 with Trees

Online Green Resource Guide by California Film Commission

Paper Glossaries and Educational Info

Paper Calculator

kWickview Energy Efficiency Analysis Tool from SDG&E/Sempra

GRC Tools - Fragmented Governance, Risk, and Compliance Efforts Can Thwart Achieving Business Goals

Degree Days Model to Manage Pests - IPM

Waste Reduction Resource Guide

Global Footprint Network for Large Institutions & Governments

School Utility Report Card to Track Energy Efficiency

Trane's LEED Compliance Calculators and Charts

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Score Your Diet for Health, Environmental and Social Justice

Eating Green Calculator from Center for Science in the Public Interest

EcoConsumer Waste Calculator

Real Transportation Cost Calculator

Paper Calculator for Environemental Conservation

Paper Envelope Environmental Awareness Toolkit CD-ROM

Carbon Value Analysis Tool (CVAT)

ACEEE's Green Book for Vehicle/Car Quality Scores

Air Travel Green Toolkit - Icarus -

Carbon Footprint Calculator for Home and Family

SafeClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Non-Flash Household Carbon Footprint Calculator - Comprehensive

Greenhouse Gas GHG Calculator Tools

Individual Travel Emissions Calculator by City and Month

Lifestyle Ecological Footprint Calculator by Earthday

SmartWay Trucking Software for Fuel Savings Calculator

Free Online Water Use Tool for Companies

Online Tools for Calculating Statistical Analysis

Energy Investment Payback Is Critical to Conservation

31 States Join The Climate Registry to Track Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Links to Science Calculators

State of the Air Report from American Lung Association


Green infrastructure

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