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Air Travel Green Toolkit - Icarus -

Online toolkit to green air travel and aviation, transportation management for corporate travel

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online tools for energy management of air travel A university research group has created this air travel toolkit to encourage greener business travel. Omega is a UK government funded research group comprised of nine universities, government departments and members of the Aviation Environment Federation.

Project ICARUS was established by ITM to promote carbon reduction in travel management programmes throughout the UK business travel industry. The project is led by and targeted primarily at travel buyers/managers as any movement to reduce carbon emissions needs to be focused on this community. Project ICARUS was conceived after the ITM conference in 2006, when a number of leading industry figures and journalists all independently discussed their concerns with ITM about a lack of leadership on Climate Change in business travel management.

ICARUS TOOLKIT: Link to the ten point toolkit of Project ICARUS
Tool # 1 Creating an environmental travel programme
Tool # 2 Environmental Travel Policy Guidelines
Tool # 3 Best practice Request for Proposal( RFP) advice
Tool # 4 ITM Recommended CO2 Measurement Tools & Indicative output ranges
Tool # 5 Where should CO2 data be presented in the business travel process
Tool # 6 Environmental Business Travel Case Studies
Case Study 1 - Credit Suisse
Case Study 2 - Vodafone
Case Study 3 - Unilever
Case Study 4 - Pertemps
Case Study 5 - Whitbread
Tool # 7 List of Video Conference facilities around UK
Tool # 8 Video conference practical training exercises
Tool # 9 Useful Links
Tool # 10 CO2 Ready Reckoner
Tool # 11 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document

The information contained within the document has been commissioned by the Institute of Travel Management for personal or inter-company use by business travel professionals. ITM owns all copyrights to this information and strictly prohibits the reproduction of all or part of this information for commercial purposes. To seek authorisation for copy reproduction please contact

After its initial focus on Carbon Emissions, the project will look at other areas of CSR, such as other greenhouse gas emissions, duty of care and sustainable procurement in due course. The project group has set about creating a plan of action to firstly inform buyers and suppliers of our environmental situation and the action they could take, and secondly to provide practical guidance and assistance for travel buyers to start on the environmental road. For more information contact ITM on 01625 430 472 or visit

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