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IndustryPlayer Masters Interactive Business Strategy Game

Green and Sustainable business educational online game, IndustryPlayer, immerses students in corporate social responsibility role play

Find green business solutions
green business and corporate social responsibility role playing game

Immersive Business Strategy Game Simulates Real World Economy

IndustryPlayer Masters is an immersive business strategy game based on a simulation of real world economy.

Students develop a strategy, undertake an entrepreneurial start-up and compete with each other in real-time for market leadership and shareholder value.

Learn and Experience Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, investors, local communities, government), on a voluntary basis.

Start your virtual Industry Holding game by investing your seed capital of 10 Mio$ into a company. An on-demand video tutorial introduces you to the essential game features.

The simulation interface is interactive, you can call up context related videos and game instructions by mouse click.

How does IndustryPlayer integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into it's Simulation?

  • Every License has it’s CSR rating based on its Carbon Footprint and other ecological factors.
  • (An emissions trade calculator shows the impact of the underlying CO2 Emissions on the holding's profit)
  • The handling of wages and product quality each contributes 1/3 to the holding's CSR rating.
  • For each game holding a CSR rating is calculated and shown.
  • The CSR driven tax system gives companies a tax discount of up to 50% based on their CSR rating.
Industries include agriculture, textile, recreation, cosmetics, beverages, appliances, wood & paper, electronics, staple food, processed food, medicinal, metal, machinery, automotive, chemical & energy, and aerospace!


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