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Current Issues Debates & Think Tanks!

Current Issues Debates & Think Tanks by college students through the Roosevelt Institute includes many California universities and colleges.

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Research of green business solutions Finally! Someone is doing what I've been whispering about for twenty years! :-)

I was a high school debater...and learned so much from the research and preparation, as well as the live debates. I've advocated for years that our young debaters tackle real issues...not just one formalized topic per year through the formal debate programs. And they're doing it!

The Roosevelt Institution, founded in 2004, is a national network of student-run progressive think tanks. Their more than 70 campus chapters serve as a forum for research and discussion of policy issues, and are linked into the policy process through the help of the national organization. Given their distributed structure and young membership, the Roosevelt Institute is uniquely situated in the think tank arena. Many of their innovative policy ideas can be implemented by state legislatures and local governments.

Every summer the organization meets to select three current policy challenges as the focus for the coming year. Throughout the following year chapters research the year's policy challenges, meet with legislators and experts, and write policy proposals. Regional policy conferences meet, where students present their proposals and are judged by a panel of experts.

The year's best proposals are then collected and published as briefing memos in the Institute's three 25 Ideas volumes and released at the yearly Roosevelt Policy Expo. The 25 Ideas series is then distributed to legislators, members of Congress, advocacy groups, and local organizations. This year's policy challenges were:

  • Working Families in America
  • Increasing Socioeconomic Diversity in Higher Education
  • Solving the Energy Crisis

In addition to their 25 Ideas series, the Roosevelt Institution publishes the Roosevelt Review, an annual journal of the best student policy research from around the country.

Read the rest of this inspiring story at the California Progress Report


"Everybody asks students for energy, nobody asks them for ideas," he said. "The election showed us that we needed an establishment to generate progressive ideas." Named for Presidents Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, the group is organized around more than a dozen policy committees, focusing on issues like international development and progressive religious perspectives. The Roosevelt Institution is also in California:

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Davis

Stanford University

Otis College of Art and Design

Pepperdine University

University of California, Santa Barbara

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