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Learning Together At Work - Green Friday

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california trucking pollution solutions I was reading information about a distance learning MBA program and this description of their learning process struck me: "...classes begin with a case study, then move to a relevant theory, before asking you to apply the theory to issues in your local bioregion."

It struck me how beautiful that approach to learning is. And how it could be used by companies to keep their employees updated at a Green Friday brown-bag lunch. (Or a Green-Bag Lunch :-)

This is a learning format that every person in the company could participate in.

Anyone could find a good "case study" to share by telling the story of how someone did something green.

With a little thought, they could come up with a 'green theory' that is illustrated by the case study.

And everyone in the gathering could pitch in ideas about how to apply the theory to issues in their own department or their community.

WOW! What a nice platform for recognition, thoughtful synthesis and platform for innovation and organic, practical growth. In other words -- SOLUTIONS!

Need a little help to think about the green education your employees would benefit from? You need look no further than the topics covered by sustainable business or environmental education curricula at colleges.

Core Courses Natural Systems Ecology...etc.

  • Environmental Law & Policy
  • Environmental History & Philosophy
  • Environmental Leadership & Community Involvement
  • Forest Ecology
  • Watershed Management
  • Wildlife Law
  • Biogeography
  • Communication Management
  • Management: A Triple Bottom Line Perspective
  • Management of People at Work
  • Information Assets & Technology Management
  • Marketing and Managing the Customer Relationship
  • Statistics & Quantitative Methods for Management
  • Stakeholder Economics & Corporate Performance Management
  • Accounting for Lifetime Sustainability
Okay...some are mundane...just give them a green twist!

Who wouldn't benefit from stretching their brain cells on a regular basis with powerful strategic thinking skills like these? And think of the stories people would have to share with potential customers, investors, applicants, or people on your own work team?

Double Wow!

I attended an inhouse employee brownbag lunch session at a green architectural company and was impressed at the depth of information that was shared in a cutdown version of this format. The project leaders described their project, showed a few slides and discussed some of the potential solutions to the challenges presented by the project. Attendees could ask questions, suggest resources and ... of course ... absorb what the company was doing.

They took it for granted. They did this every week. And I understand that architectural and design firms (and other niche markets) who have aggressive Continuing Education requirements for professional credentials do make a habit of regular in-house education.

But I know that manufacturers, graphic designers and others who DON'T have official CEU requirements for licensing compliance could also benefit from this kind of education.

The US is losing ground rapidly in technical, scientific and engineering knowledge and skills. This is a simple, low-cost way companies could tackle that growing deficit in our workforce. Employees will benefit from both sides of the podium -- from the practice in communications and presentations, and from the content presented.

Just an idea. A sustainable solution to meet our on-going need for smart, capable, skilled, enthusiastic people...people equipped to green the world one company at a time!

REF: Green Mountain College - Environmental Studies

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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