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Lighting Solutions To Reduce Energy Costs & Global Climate Change Impact

Office operations save energy with lighting behavior and lighting technology changes.

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California lighting energy conservation in office with lighting technologies and lighting behaviors Nothing is simple about greening a business. Size. Indusry. Systems. Suppliers. All these factors affect a green strategy, even when the best of intentions are driving the green transition.

Lighting is one area where significant savings are made with a variety of behavioral, technological and energy tactics in the larger sustainable business plan.

Behavioral Changes to Reduce Lighting

Turn it off if it's not in use. Such a simple tactic. But getting people to cooperate can take some creative communications and time. The savings can be as much as 10% of your energy bill...and other benefits include reducing maintenance, making people aware of savings possibilities in other areas...and reduced cost of purchasing lightbulbs.

Other behavioral changes that make a difference include the use of window lighting instead of overhead lighting. Open the sunlight to the ceiling so that it provides diffused lighting.

Shorten work hours...your employees need their sleep anyway! Well rested employees are more productive, and you save energy at the same time.

Along with turning off the lights, comes turning off computers and printers when not in use!

Lighting Technology to Save Energy

Now things get complicated. Fixtures, watts, kWH, Operating times, Occupancy sensors, and Energy Star ratings...all these factors are weighted and balanced by a good lighting specialist -- whether that is an in-house facilities manager or your lighting contractor.

Other lighting technologies include selecting bulbs that don't produce heat...skylights or tubes to increase light and balance heat at the same time.

Self powered lights in parking lots by the use of solar power...

Upgrading old fixtures with more energy efficient fixtures...

And leapfroggiing over the current flourescent rage with the coming LED revolution.

Innovation and Follow Through

Green is a catchy management strategy, but it's smart business that good businesses have used for centuries. Be frugal. Be good stewards of our limited resources. And remember that ALL resources are limited. That's a difficult mindshift but a necessary one in today's recognition of global climate reality -- everything is connected to everything. And it takes as much innovation and conscientious design, engineering, maintenance and budgeting as we can muster to deal with the shifts happening with the globe, with global marketplaces, and in our own communities -- industries, neighborhoods and company teams.

Enlightenment has a whole new meaning in the 21st century!

HANDY SOLUTION RESOURCE: The Lighting Payback Machine Calculator

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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