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Conservation of Energy...Like Treatment of Cancer

Energy choices are opportunities for multiple quality of life benefits -- not sacrifices.

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carrots for organic agriculture that improves soil reduces pollutants and improves health and nutrition

Waste is a depressing thing! And energy waste heats up decay -- of the climate as well as our economy

Since 1990 the United States has increased greenhouse gas production by 16 percent. (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Bonn, Germany).

In the United States, most of the greenhouse gas emissions (about 82%) are from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity and power our cars.

I've been researching renewable energy sources and green jobs and how they fit into the energy mix. Solar. Wind power. Landfill gases, etc.

What wasn't mentioned in the research I found was conservation. Projected output was measured by how much feedstock was needed to produce XX megawatts. How many jobs per megawatts would be created. How much coal could be replaced. But nowhere was it mentioned that one of the cleanest renewables is human power.

Going forward to more manual labor, more elbow grease might solve two problems at once -- reduce manufactured energy and reduce obesity!

"What we need is an ambitious re-thinking of our national energy policy that will diversify our fuel/power mix, cut energy demand, and is founded on the principles of conservation," says Shaun Chapman in "Take Two Ritalin and Call Me in the Morning,"

Use of energy has become a god-given right. Reduce usage? You've got to be kidding. We can't do that. That takes sacrifice and we're just not in a sacrificing mood. The Joneses aren't sacrificing and they'll get ahead of me/us/you. And the Joneses are the Chinese and the Indians this time around.

"Confronting global climate change and crafting meaningful solutions is a bit like eating an elephant. The problem fills the room and then our brains switch off, not feeling up to the task."

Yes, high-tech alternatives are available and they help. But there's nothing like a more natural approach to make life more natural. Instead of buying more compact fluorescent bulbs...turn the lights off and go outside. Instead of buying solar panels to run your air conditioner, paint your roof white and reduce the attic temperature at the same time you apply some elbow grease to the paint job. The adventure will do you good and you'll regain some self-confidence in your DIY skills, as well.

Plant a few trees to shade your windows. Then let the filtered light stream into your windows -- ahhh, nature!

Treatment of cancer is both a high-tech strategy and a lifestyle strategy. Cancer is characterized by the excessively rapid growth of cells. It's an emergency that always seems to take us by surprise, and then we wonder which of our bad habits brought it on -- or was it the diesel fumes outside our window that was the culprit?

Treatment of excessive energy growth is also a high-tech strategy plus a lifestyle strategy. We use high-tech, targeted remedies where they are needed, but we back it up with changing our appetite for things that aren't good for us -- and increasing things that ARE good for us -- like exercise, organic food, breathing deeply, adequate sleep at night and time with our children to properly parent them.

Are those strategies sacrifices? Or are they smart, green, sustainable choices that deliver superior productivity, effectiveness and quality of life?

Energy is the icing on the cake of life...not the meal. Balancing real life priorities with manufactured energy use will reduce our ecological footprint, reduce emissions, reduce energy costs and reduce the need for more frantic workaholism that has been decreasing quality of life in the US for some time now.

Curing cancer isn't a sacrifice. Curing energy excesses isn't a sacrifice, either.

Carolyn Allen
Editor and Neighbor

PS: What does a carrot have to do with this editorial? It just points out that highly nutritional value lies below the surface...beyond the obvious!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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