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Meet No Idle Emissions Regulations When Loading/Unloading Trucks By Using Air-Powered Truck Bed by Up-N-Atom

Heavy-equipment transporters can help meet government No Idle regulations and save money with Retriever, a truck bed that can load and unload 30,000-lb. payloads with the truck's engine off.

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Up N Atom Retriever truck loader for no idle emissions The best way to cut diesel emissions in trucking is "Turn it off!" But until now, that wasn’t feasible when loading and unloading 30,000 lbs of cargo. The Retriever No Idle System truck bed by Up-N-Atom provides a green solution for the highly intensive time required to load and unload heavy cargo from trucks.

Heavy-equipment transporters can help meet government No Idle regulations and save money with Retriever, a truck bed that can load and unload 30,000-lb. payloads with the truck's engine off. The EPA estimates the typical equipment transport truck idles an average of 15 minutes per stop and makes between four and five pickups and deliveries per day. Therefore, the No Idle System can save the atmosphere two hours of engine fumes per truck per day.

In rental equipment deliveries, for example, the No Idle System can reduce idling time by as much as 95% and produce substantially lower emissions, extend engine life and maintenance intervals on the truck's emissions system, and also generate fuel savings.

Up-N-Atom believes its Retriever No Idle System™ is a first in America, and it is made possible by Retriever's exclusive use of the truck's air system -- not hydraulics -- for truck-bed power.

The No Idle System works in conjunction with the truck’s air system. Once the compressor has filled the truck’s tanks, it continues pumping until the 60-gallon No Idle System tank is filled to 120 psi. Under normal driving operation, it takes between four and six minutes to bring the No Idle System up to full pressure.

When making pickups and deliveries, the truck’s engine can be shut off while the No Idle System tank powers the deck and ramp. The tank’s capacity can handle both the loading and unloading of a 30,000-lb. payload. Given a normal driving schedule, there should never be a time when the tank can’t power a full load/unload cycle.

A study conducted by Argonne National Laboratories showed a two-hour per day idle reduction can save truck operators an average of $1,200/year in fuel, maintenance and repair costs.

“Improving the environment rarely includes the opportunity to build the bottom line,” said Joe Simons, president of Up-N-Atom, Retriever’s manufacturer. “With the No Idle System, that’s exactly what happens… environmentalism with profit.”

To learn more about the No Idle System and estimate your specific savings, go to and download both the explanatory brochure and the savings calculator. Retriever and the No Idle System

California Green Solutions takes care to share solution stories that make sense for the regional California market. Un-N-Atom is a Wisconsin company and we asked their marketing team to justify shipping this heavy equipment to California and still claim that it has an environmental advantage. We’re glad to share the following analysis they put together in response to our inquiry. And we appreciate their thoroughness.

Up N Atom Retriever truck loader for no idle emissions

The Up-N-Atom Retriever's No Idle System can save the atmosphere two hours of engine fumes per truck, per day.

Up-N-Atom's California Emissions and Environmental Analysis!

We checked carefully and documented the following information on the Retriever No Idle System truck bed that might surprise many environmentalists.

If a California company orders a Retriever No Idle System truck bed, it could be assembled in Wisconsin and driven to California. That would require approximately 36 hours of driving. But when used in California, the Retriever truck bed would eliminate an average of two hours per day of emissions by turning the truck engine off during loading and unloading. In only 18 working days, the emissions savings would offset the emissions created during the drive from Wisconsin.

For the next five years, assuming 250 days per year of active duty, the Retriever truck bed will eliminate 2,500 hours of idling time, for a net savings of 2,464 hours of emissions. It will also save 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 26 tons of emissions. All from one truck.

Thus, the Retriever No Idle System truck bed would provide outstanding environmental benefits to California, its citizens and its owners. To our knowledge, no other transport vehicle can load and unload heavy equipment with its engine turned off.

Retriever Emissions Savings are Well Worth the Trip

Hours of emissions generated on trip to California 36
Non idling hours saved on duty in California (over 5 years) 2,500
Net idling hours saved 2,464
Volume of emissions saved 26 Tons
Diesel Fuel Saved 2,000 gals

We hope this highlights Retriever’s environmental benefits and cost savings.

Up-N-Atom, Inc.
21675 Doral Road
Waukesha, Wis.
Call 866-798-8882

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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