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September 2007 Newsletter

California Green Solutions Newsletter

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California Green Solutions Newsletter

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Welcome...California Green Solutions is your regional source for green business solutions.
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Just the Facts, Ma'am, Just the Facts!

We hope you like our bare-bones, minimalist approach to reporting ideas and solutions on our website,, in this newsletter and in our solution-packed seminars. Our goal is to be a conscientious reporter of what's happening, opportunities and strategies to help your business green California. Your feedback and ideas are very important to us.

We're finalizing the next round of seminars...pass the word that we produce cost-effective, green business seminars. Encourage folks who might be interested in greening their businesses to subscribe to our free newsletter. It's worth its weight in green! Carolyn Allen, Editor

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Retrofit Lighting for Savings

Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions - Tustin provides complete energy solutions -- lighting, HVAC ... Exit signs...and more. They provide companies with energy solutions with paybacks as short as 3 months! Bill Tauber explains the bottom line strategy that can result in big initial savings...and a long tail of energy savings. [Read Full Story] building with cement and carbon footprint reduction

Solar LED Lighting for Safety

Solar Cynergy - Corona, provides off-grid safety and architectural, decorative lighting with next generation efficiency and colorful aesthetic applications for walkways, streets and safety applications. [Read Full Story]

Air-Powered Truck Bed Reduces Emissions

Meet "No Idle Emissions Regulations" when loading/unloading trucks by using an air-powered truck bed by Up-N-Atom. This versatile accessory saves time, fuel and reduces emissions! [Read Full Story]

The Entertainment Business Case for Biodiesel

Standard Bio Diesel -- US public awareness of biodiesel as an alternative to petroleum diesel is growing. The results from the study showed that 45% of the people surveyed were aware of biodiesel, an increase of 27% from the same study conducted in 2004. [Read Full Story]

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Green Your Transportation Carbon Footprint

My dad taught me that when you point the finger at someone, three fingers point back at you. I think about that every time a "bad guy" is persecuted because misdeeds just seems so "obvious." Trucking is one of those easy targets. Diesel has been very dirty. Food is trucked 2,000 miles to take advantage of pricing and tax breaks. But is that the real story? [Read Full Story]



Google is launching a fascinating experiment in clean-tech investing in the form of a worldwide search for products, services, and technologies that can advance the market for plug-in electric vehicles. The RFP invites entrepreneurs and companies to submit innovations with the aim of making "investments to support technologies, products and services that are critical to accelerating plug-in vehicle commercialization." plants to invest between $500,000 and $2 million in the best opportunities to develop plug-in technology. Entrants are asked to submit a five-page proposal by October 15.


Q: Where do I recycle used toilets and sinks?
Robert, your local landfill & recycling center in Simi Valley hopes to have a "source separate" facility by December (They currently separate and recycle wood, concrete, dirt and metal), but if the equipment is in usable condition, here are a couple options:
1. FREECYCLE at The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 3,847,000 grassroots members across the globe who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.
2. Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Oxnard These Restores are located in several locations across California. Search for +Habitat ReStore + your county.

Fossil fuel transportation and climate change


FREE SHPPING a Strategy From the Past

In this day of climate change, asthma and cancer, is it realistic for a socially conscious company to offer "free shipping" as a marketing strategy? [Read Full Story]


You'll find a new section on the website: CONFERENCES+. These informative program listings link you to accessible seminars, conferences, tours, and events for green learning an networking. Please let us know about additional green and sustainability events, especially here in California!

Green Transportation Summit for Supply Chain Executives

San Francisco - Sept 24-26

Get your copy of the new 'Green Transportation & Logistics Report' which features some interesting and surprising results from a survey we conducted of over 250 North American supply chain executives on their current and future green transportation and logistics strategies - you can freely download the survey results and report at

We conducted this survey to celebrate the launch of the eyefortransport Green Transportation & Logistics Summit being held in downtown San Francisco on September 25-26, 2007. Full details including the agenda and speaker list can be found at

This Summit is a gathering of senior level supply chain executives who are interested in learning how to lean and green their supply chains through transportation and logistics initiatives - and - at the same time save money, improve customer relations, and reduce risk. For a complete list of speakers visit:

You can also download the pdf brochure for the Summit at: PDF Brochure

As a California Green Solutions Subscriber you are entitled to your choice of a free 'Summit Audio CD' (worth $200) or a $100 discount when you register. Visit DISCOUNT CODE quoting "CGS" to get your discount and secure your place today!

If you have any questions regarding the Report or the Summit please do not hesitate to contact Katharine O’Reilly ( (Toll free USA) 1 800 814 3459 ext 329

California Green Solutions climate change and transportation best practices

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NEW! Green Toolkits

We're excited to add a new section to the website: TOOLKITS link you to online and helpful software tools that make green planning and measurement easier. Please let us know about additional tools!

Office Waste Reduction Strategies Checklist [Read Full Story]

Waste Reduction Resource Guide [Read Full Story]

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Tools [Read Full Story]

Trane's LEED Compliance Calculators and Charts [Read Full Story]


Big Rig Truck's Fuel Strategy to Reduce Cost and Emissions [Read Full Story]

SmartWay Transport For and By Truckers [Read Full Story]

Hydrogen Fuel from Salt Water? [Read Full Story]


Gen Y Has Split on Environmentally Friendly Retail Marketing [Read Full Story]

Ford Taurus is in Fashion Again --A Marketing Turnaround [Read Full Story]


The Building Life-Cycle Cost Program [Read Full Story]

Solar Building Practices is the Standard [Read Full Story]

Tankless Water Heaters Save Energy and Water [Read Full Story]

Green Building Resource Center Open House - Santa Monica Sep 18 [Read Full Story]

LED Lighting -- Tech Watch Update... [Read Full Story]


Water & Drought in California - Public Education [Read Full Story]

How to Manage Pests and Reduce Pollution with Integrated Pest Management [Read Full Story]

California Greenhouse Gas Chart - 2007 [Read Full Story]

Tribute to Body Shop Founder Anita Roddick [Read Full Story]

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