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Our Consulting - Operations & Marketing

Green consulting services by California Green Solutions start with an executive overview and include in-house development of green core competencies and consultant referrals.

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How to Start Greening Your Company

California Green Solutions provides a variety of briefings, consulting, custom seminars and communication tools to help companies green their business functions. California Green Solutions starts with an executive overview and includes review of core competencies that can be effectively "greened" and referrals to California consultants who can provide policies, technology and specialized implementation.

Step 1: Green Industry Briefing of Trends, California Niches, Green Jobs and Innovation

Step 2: Green Assessment of Client's Status, Green Goals and Recommended Strategy Team

Step 3: Work Plan to Implement Research and Project Plans for Green Marketing, Innovation, Operations, Team Building, etc.

Step 4: Outreach to Staff, Supply Chain, Customers and other Stakeholders through Marcom, Orientations, Seminars, etc.

Compliance, Teamwork, Workplace Quality and Green Marketability

Our in-house specialty is strategic planning and a trusted source of unbiased opinion about green business. We work in concert with a handful of specialized consultants in environmental and business functions such as innovation, employee programs, events, etc.

California Green Solutions consulting for green business, sustainability and environmental compliance

The California Green Solutions Consulting Approach

Carolyn Allen has extensive experience in helping clients identify their goals, assess their needs and match them with appropriate resources. She has worked with high tech, consumer goods, environmental consultants, B2B manufacturers, SMEs, entrepreneurs, nonprofits...and more. "I'm intense, so be sitting when you call," she says with a chuckle. "I find the core of the problem before we start working on solutions. That's how nature works -- and nature is my model for sustainable systems and green strategies."

"We help companies green their supply chain...both in-house and out," Carolyn explains. "Our secret sauce is that we provide unbiased opinion and a broad perspective for greening a company. We cover the spectrum of information about sustainable natural resources, green marketing, operations, product design -- all the services small and medium size companies need because their need is occasional -- not quite to the point of needing a dedicated in-house environmental staff.

And then, when the scope of the solution is identified, we refer clients to appropriate specialists as needed. But often, a client's in-house talent can benefit from taking the next step -- green is about developing core competencies in-house and partnering for secondary and support services."

Carolyn serves as the green info-mediary of the team to balance traditional business strategies with sustainable business goals and practices.

Assessment, Consulting, Briefings, and Workshops...

Strategy & Tactics

Green strategy is about social responsibility, high performance facilities, informed staff members, and communicating effectively with your specific stakeholders: customers, prospects, industry leaders, community and governmental oversight, neighbors, the media...and your own team -- employees and your supply chain. We help you refine sustainable business strategies that strengthen your business relationships with effectiveness and respect.


Greening your products and services needs to be a core competency! We help you identify key green attributes and develop a method for fast, efficient innovation -- whether you need an incremental or disruptive scale. Our innovation specialist walks your team through the process of making your company an environment for ongoing innovative thinking and results.

Supply Chain

Finding green ingredients and components is a lengthy endeavor and we can help you with strategies that encourage and support your supply chain to provide less toxic alternatives, reduce packaging, optimize transportation options, etc. We can provide strategic planning, custom workshops and briefings for your employees, vendors and prospective green supply chain members.

Green Marketing

Marketing green products and services includes strategy to attract key players in your sweet spot. It is about authenticity, measuring your ROI for clients, and providing a solid communication message. We provide strategic coaching, research and marcom that will refine your market approach, define your best niches, and refine your message for prospects interested in compliance, employee productivity and health or other green benefits.

Green Operations

Saving natural resources and energy offers significant savings for many companies when they go green. Save water, save energy, improve air quality, save fuel...we help you with general approaches as well as connect you with green and sustainability experts who can delve into the details to make operational improvements for offices, manufacturing and the distribution chain.

Events and Space

Greening events can be as simple as providing coffee mugs in the snack room or greening your annual sales conferences and trade show exhibits. Our event specialist helps you walk the green path -- or even dance a jig!

We invite you to call us to discuss your interest in greening. We offer our extensive knowledge of green companies and green strategies to help you meet certifications, compliance and market demands for more life (and business) sustaining ways of being productive.

California Green Solutions provides green and sustainable business consulting for companies who are green and those want to green their operations and facilities.

Contact Carolyn Allen, president, for details about green consulting, executive briefings and in-house workshops for a greener tomorrow


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